Buy a Durable Sterling Silver Challah Knife Before Shabbat Arrives!

Buy a Durable Sterling Silver Challah Knife Before Shabbat Arrives!

A sterling silver challah knife is an important component of the Shabbat table. If you are looking forward to adding a new accessory to your Shabbat table, during the auspicious occasion, you must look forward to purchasing the challah knife. Made out of silver, the knives are very sharp. The handle of the knife is made of silver with added designs that accentuate the look of the knife.

In the Jewish culture, Shabbat is one of the most important days of the week. Celebrated on Fridays, it marks the day of prayer for the Jews. On this day, the Kiddush is being offered by the head of the home and the prayer is being recited.

The historical importance of a sterling silver challah knife

The loaves of bread, being kept on the Shabbat table are being buttered on by the knife. The challah is used to signify the bread used and the sterling silver challah knife is specifically used for this purpose. The loaves of the bread have a symbolical meaning. The drop of dew that fell for manna in the desert is being honored.

What is the significance of challah for Shabbat?

The challah is not like any other ordinary bread. It is special, yellow-colored, sweetened bread, that can only be eaten on the day of Shabbat. It represents the bread of the rich and the luxurious. Since Shabbat is offered in remembrance of the Kiddush, the challah serves to be a perfect fitting for the Manna sent by God, in the Jewish scriptures.

Buying the challah knife can often be difficult. Let us find out the top 4 things you must keep in mind while purchasing the challah knife.

Buying guide for sterling silver challah knife

The challah knife must have the following features:

  • Shine: The challah knife has to have a perfect shine and luster. Since it has a religious connection, a proper shine represents a glorious week ahead.
  • Corrosion: Using a knife that doesn’t corrode over time is the most important thing. Since the knives are made of metal, the chances of corrosion are the highest. It is preferred to look into this criterion before purchasing it.
  • Sharpness: If you are looking to purchase a challah knife for religious purpose, prefer buying a knife, that has sharpness. Having the knife with the proper sharpness will let you take the butter for the challah easily.
  • Design: A knife with a perfect design is always the best one to have. After all, you are going to use it on every Shabbat, so you must focus on the design of the handle.

There is a large variety of challah that is available to purchase. Selecting the one depending on the size is also important. If you are looking to purchase challah online, you must take special care about the mode of delivery and the return policy too. Ensure that you have the best Shabbat as the sterling silver challah knife is an important part of the Shabbat table.

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