Can You Make Your Vices More Affordable?

Can You Make Your Vices More Affordable?

Let’s be honest We all have vices. The question is, can we make them more affordable? Read on to find out…

Vice Number 1: Drinking

Drinking can be very expensive. Sometimes you can pay the same price for a whole bottle of a certain type of alcohol that you do for a single glass in a bar!

Even still, many of us like to let our hair down every so often and have a drink with friends or colleagues. One way to make drinking more affordable is to pre-drink at home, or in cheaper bars. Alternatively, go for soda water as a mixer, rather than lemonade. It won’t taste all that different and is likely to be cheaper. Even if it’s just a small saving, it will add up during the night, especially if you’re buying rounds.

Vice Number 2: Eating

If you’re always eating fresh fruit and veg, this isn’t so much a vice than a good habit! However, if the foods you are eating aren’t good for your body, this is a different story. Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the odd slice of cake every now again, but what if you just can’t resist every day? Say you pop by Starbucks every morning on the way to work, and that every time you choose a cake or pastry to go with your coffee. Well, this can very quickly stack up in cost. Instead of buying your coffee snack, make it at home. Baking for yourself is far cheaper than buying in stores. Bake a batch of cheese croissants or pecan brownies on a Sunday and they’ll last you through the week if stored correctly.

Vice Number 3: Smoking

Adding up the total cost of smoking over the year is likely to take your breath away; literally! For heavy smokers, the amount they spend on cigarettes and lighters could have paid for a tropical all-inclusive holiday for two. And the rest!

If giving up isn’t something you want to do, or aren’t ready for yet, how about switching to e-Cigarettes? For starters, if you fill them up with gourmet eliquid they taste much nicer than traditional cigarettes. They can also save you money. Rather than needing to buy a fresh pack each day, you can get e-cigarettes that last for ages. All you have to do is refill the liquid inside. Go for an e-cigarette brand that has a length of use guarantee, so you can claim back your money if it doesn’t fulfill what it says.

Vice Number 4: Shopping

A rather modern-day vice, shopping too much is a habit many of us can develop. The reasons could be many. It could be that you walk past a shopping centre every day on your way to and from work. It could even be that you work inside a shop or shopping centre! Or it could just be tradition that you head into town for a browse every weekend.

Whatever the reason, excessive shopping could be expensive. One way you can still get your fix for a more affordable price is by raiding charity shops. Or just be sure to return anything you won’t get 30 wears out of.

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