Celebrity Exercises You Can Do Too

Celebrity Exercises You Can Do Too

There may be many reasons why you’ve decided to start a new fitness program. You might be keen to tone up and slim down. Perhaps you have health concerns that mean you should improve your fitness. It’s not always easy to know where to start. Finding the exercise plan that suits you is the first step.

If you hire a personal trainer, you’ll probably get a full assessment of your current physique, health, and fitness. This is a great way to help identify what you need to work on and the best ways to get there. Sadly, not all of us can stretch the budget to having their own personal trainer.

Instead, why not try to find some exercises you can do for yourself? Start by taking a long hard look in the mirror. Are there any particular areas that you would like to work on? Next, think about your fitness level. If you want to increase your stamina for running or cycling, you should choose exercises that will help with this.

Celebrities spend a lot of time and money perfecting their bodies. Some release exercise DVDs to demonstrate how they did it. Others will talk openly about their exercise routines and what they like to work on. If you have a celebrity in mind who has the physique you would like to achieve, why not do some research and find out what exercises they do? You can view more celebrity body stats online to figure out what might be achievable for you.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are well known for managing their weight sensibly. Beyonce swears by her daily workouts, focusing on her glutes and arms. These exercises are performed with a trainer, but you can do them in your living room. Put your hands and knees on the floor. Now push one leg behind you and out straight. Return it to the original position. Don’t let your head drop, but don’t strain the neck either. Try to engage your core muscle by holding in your tummy as you work. Don’t forget to breathe rhythmically!

Of course, Beyonce is rumored to have three grueling ninety-minute fitness sessions each week. You don’t need to push yourself that hard, and you can fit exercise in around your own lifestyle. Take a thirty minute walk each day. This can be divided into two fifteen minute walks. After a couple of weeks, you may notice you have picked up the pace. Why not add a sixty-second jog to each walk? Then, you can increase that to two minutes, three minutes, and more. But if jogging isn’t right for you, you can get fit and lose weight walking. Our friends at SonicSole have developed an awesome running music app that delivers powerful music tracks that get you inspired!

Jogging has been a firm favorite of Madonna’s for years. It has helped her keep her figure slender, and her energy levels high. It is combined with dancing too to ensure plenty of activity. It’s rumored she avoids the gym now she’s a little older and instead prefers Yoga to keep her toned and strong. You can learn Yoga in your own living room using video clips and apps.

While the press might be full of celebrity crash diets and weight fluctuations, some celebs have got the balance right. With simple exercises you can do at home, you too could enjoy a celebrity figure. Enjoy.

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