Comparing Major Live TV Streaming Services for Cord Cutters

Comparing 6 Major Live TV Streaming Services for Cord Cutters

With a Smart TV and a stable internet connection, you can stream almost anything. These include movies, TV shows, music, dance shows and so much more. Now, what happens in the case of cord cutters you ask? Well, cord-cutting, in this case, refers to terminating or reducing your standard TV subscription packages provided by major multi-channel service providers.

cord cuttersSome individuals cannot endure staying away from live TV streaming even after cutting the cord- thanks to multi-channel service providers such as HBO and Netflix. When exploring the option of streaming through these channels, you need to have basic details on each of these providers and how they compare. So, here is an overview of each and everything you need to know:

YouTube TV

YouTube subscription rate stands at a standard $40 plan, which rest assured is worth the value, with that payment, you get to enjoy over 60 channels. Some of the key highlights being a number of ESPN choices plus four of the major broadcasting networks available: ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS including some of their affiliate channels. Automatically, a number of YouTube Red Originals are thrown in by Google.

The only add-ons availed on this service are as follows:

  • Sundance Now;
  • Fox Soccer Plus;
  • Showtime;
  • Shudder;
  • Starz.

This means that fox looking for choices such as HBO have to look for other means. Keep in mind that some paramount channels such as Comedy Central are also not available.

Direct TV Now

AT&T’s Direct TV Now is one of the most popular off-cable tv live streams. This is because the experienced provided by it is almost similar to that offered by cable service providers. It has five subscriptions with the minimum offering over 60 channels and the biggest offering over 120 channels. The service is compatible with any recent Apple device.

Direct TV Now can also be described as stingy in some occasions. This is mainly because it provides only a 20-hour beta DVR. Customers are also charged an extra $5 for streaming of a 3rd screen up above the other two. However, for only $5, you can enjoy Cinemax or HBO and for another $8 per piece, you get to enjoy ShowTime and Starz.

Sling TV

Dish Network’s Sling is one of the oldest Internet-based live TV streaming service providers. Up to date, it is still considered as one of the best off-cable streaming platforms. The basic package options available are either blue’ or orange’ bundles. Each has a standard monthly charge of $25. Orange subscription package offers 30 channels as blue offers 42. The main distinction between the two is that while orange offers ESPN 1, 2, and 3, blue offers NBC and Fox.

PlayStation Vue

Just to be clear, this service is not only available for Sony’s gaming console but also for a number of Apple gadgets. It has been partitioned into 4 tires: Ultra, Core, Access, and Elite. The charges vary depending on your choice but are between $50 and $90. The key point to remember about this is that it offers very many sports channels and their affiliates. Notably, these networks include channels from Fox and NBC.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu is one of the late brands to venture into this industry. Even though so, it is unbeatable because of the cost friendliness services they avail. At only $39.99, you can get to enjoy over 50 channels.

Depending on your genre or taste, Hulu can easily replace your cable service providers. There are some other costs that are incurred when looking to dig deeper.

Watch TV

For only $15 dollars a month, you can enjoy all the latest entertainment from this newest service that has been provided by AT&T. This subscription offers 31 channels. Unfortunately, none of these 32 channels provided air sports.

The reason behind the endorsement of Watch TV is that, if you are subscribed to any data plan provided by AT&T- its “Unlimited &More” services- you get to enjoy Watch TV for free and even get an extra benefit of adding one of its “premium” services with no extra charge. In such a case you not only get to add services such as Showtime or HBO, but also non-video subscriptions such as Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora Premium.

Best TV Streaming

To have a test of the experiences provided by each of them, it is recommended that you take advantage of the trial period dispensed by each. This will also help you decide n which of them you are going to become committed to. Remember to unsubscribe from these trials as long as they are not for keeps.

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