Crafting Your Career: 5 Compelling Reasons to Become a Corporate Lawyer

5 Compelling Reasons to Become a Corporate Lawyer

Whether you’re considering being a paralegal in Albany or joining a team of Albury solicitors, a career in law can be immensely gratifying. But with so many sub-specialties to choose from, how can you ensure you’re looking at the right one? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, but here are five compelling reasons to consider corporate law.  

1. Generous pay

Although salary isn’t the only reason people become lawyers, it is a significant motivation. If you’re considering a career in law and weighing the pros and cons of personal injury law, immigration law, or corporate law, the last one will probably lead to the highest pay. In addition to an annual salary, some corporate lawyers also receive bonuses and commissions when they close a lucrative deal. 

Furthermore, a good salary is almost guaranteed because job security is high. Despite the devastating effects of the pandemic, many businesses and industries continue to grow and, therefore, need corporate lawyers to navigate tricky legal terrain. 

2. Collaborative environments

Working as a corporate lawyer provides a nice balance of solo and collaborative work. While a good chunk of your time will be spent researching and writing alone, another part will go to meeting up and collaborating with managers, accountants, and financial directors to strategize the best path forward.  

3. Diverse work opportunities

Everyone from small agricultural companies to large utility businesses need a corporate lawyer from time to time – especially when dealing with mergers and acquisitions. So, if learning about and working with new industries excites you, then a career in corporate law may be a perfect match. 

Even if you choose to stick with one specific industry, it can still be exciting to become the go-to expert for that area of law. Either way, you’re bound to learn something new on a daily basis. 

4. Meaningful work

Although every day won’t be a bundle of joy, in general, a career in corporate law provides mentally stimulating work that benefits society. The process of analyzing regulations and providing recommendations requires a high level of critical thinking, which is quite rewarding

Additionally, when your recommendations are taken seriously, that may spark a sense of professional satisfaction and the feeling that you’re contributing to something larger than yourself. In most cases, you are. Corporate lawyers play an essential role in society because corporations are so integral to how the world works – they create jobs, grow economies, and provide people with the products and services they use daily.

5. Flexible schedules

Although most lawyers tend to work more hours than your average full-time employee, their schedules – when and where they work – can often be quite flexible. For example, if you want to take some time in the evening to watch your daughter’s school play, that’s possible as long as you finish the work later. 

Alongside being able to structure when they work, corporate lawyers also have some flexibility in where they work. Since the rise of remote work during the pandemic, working from a home office is becoming more common. Additionally, you can work at your firm’s office, your client’s place of business, or even travel abroad to attend a work conference. 

It’s no secret that a career in law is challenging. However, if you love the process of overcoming challenges, then it can also be immensely rewarding. In the field of corporate law, those rewards include a career that’s flexible, meaningful, diverse, collaborative, and well-paid.

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