Dead Easy Ways To Keep Your Back And Spine Healthy

Dead Easy Ways To Keep Your Back And Spine Healthy

Most people in the US will at some point in their lives suffer from back pain. In fact, back pain is one of the main reasons why people miss out work, and it accounts for more than 60 million lost working days per year.

There are all sorts of different triggers for back pain, including things like slipped disc and whiplash. But it can also be brought on by slouching in chairs as well as lifting weights in the gym that are too heavy. Although back pain is most commonly found in the lower back, it can also be located anywhere house including between the shoulder blades and around the neck.

Ollie Jones is a top fitness coach. He says that the biggest problem that those suffering from back pain have is their lifestyle. Lots of people he said spending time in their car or sat on the sofa or working behind the desk, and this kind of lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy spine.

Here’s what the charity BackCare has to say about keeping your back healthy:

Exercise Regularly

One of the main ways to prevent back pain is to take regular exercise. Things like walking, swimming and riding on stationary bikes or help to strengthen back muscles. Back muscles can also be enhanced using resistance exercise, but it’s important to make sure that form is correct when performing these exercises.

The charity also recommends that people who are seeking lower back relief keep moving even when they have pain. This, according to the experts, helps prevent stiffness  and counteract the negative effects of sitting in the same position for long periods of time full stop

Get Regular Treatment

Those who suffer from back pain don’t have to suffer alone. In fact, there many sophisticated procedures that they can undergo to help them combat their condition. Back treatments include things like massage therapy, ligament therapy, and joint therapy. Find out from Eastside Wellness Chiropractic more about treatment.

Talk To Your HR Department

If you suffer from back pain at work, then it’s a good idea to approach your HR department. One of the things that HR departments can do is provide you with things like standing desks and different types of seating. You may also be able to talk to them about changing the role that you have within the company so that you can more easily manage your back pain.

Carry Loads In A Rucksack

The experts from Back Care Suggest that women suffering from back pain try and carrying around their stuff in a backpack with two straps. Evenly distributing weight across both shoulders will help take strain off your back and sore muscles.

Use Painkillers

Although it is not ideal to use painkillers for an extended period of time, the experts recommend that people who suffer from back pain use painkillers if it enables them to carry on with their daily lifestyle. It is important to go and see your doctor if your pain is persistent over a long period of time. Doctors will be able to prescribe stronger painkillers, should you need them.

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