Depression In Women: Are You Suffering?

Depression In Women: Are You Suffering?

When people hear the word “depression,” they often shrink away. If you broke your legs, or needed a kidney taken out, or you were diagnosed with cancer, you would have people flocking to your side with words of wisdom and offers of help. As soon as you mention depression, people turn away, unable to catch your eye or know what to say. The brain is an organ that sometimes gets sick: which is exactly what depression is. In women, depression is often talked about and discussed, where in men it’s a topic of taboo – despite being one of the biggest killers in young men around the world. Depression is a dark beast that takes hold and creeps in without you taking much notice.

can't get out of bedThe inability to get out of bed. The feeling of worthlessness that engulfs you and makes you slow down on the inside. The constant feeling of dread that settles in your stomach. All of these signs are classic for depression and most people could recognize these very easily. The thing is, these aren’t the only signs of depression, classic or not. One in eight women suffer with depression on some level, and when depression is a mental illness that comes with a lot of stigma behind it, it’s easy to go undiagnosed due to not being able to recognize other signs that you could be suffering with it. Many women don’t like to get help for how they feel due to not wanting to be medicated, especially as prescription drugs can be addictive enough that some people go further and end up in the territory of illegal drugs. It’s just not a road that many want to head down, even though it’s not that common. If you have already found yourself going down that road, then you need to speak to someone at Brian Zeiger to help. Depression is a very self-destructive mental illness that attacks your brain. Your hormones and emotions become severely imbalanced and sometimes medication is the answer – at least long enough to allow you to feel well and ready to seek other types of help.

Consider an Online Psychiatrist

Whether it takes the form of insomnia, long-term depression, or manifests as problems at work or in your relationship, it happens to nearly everyone. When it does, it is certainly a good idea to consult a mental health professional, which may be an online psychiatrist.

As with many other services on the internet, not all providers are honest and ethical. In the U.S., as in most countries, the requirements for calling oneself a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist are highly regulated, however it’s not always easy to confirm the veracity of an individual’s claims. It’s important to find a licensed professional.

Key Characteristics of DepressionKey Characteristics of Depression

If you still find yourself able to get out of bed and continue with your day, it doesn’t mean that you’re not suffering with depression on some level. These signs below can tell you whether you need to get help early before it sinks further:

  1. Losing your temper easily and being quick to anger is a rather glaring symptom that something is not right.
  2. Insomnia is not just something for new parents or working women; suddenly waking earlier can be a sign that you have too much on your mind.
  3. You can’t find the fun in anything anymore. Your favorite hobbies feel forced and routine.
  4. You can’t get off social media, because being in the lives of others feels better than being in your own.
  5. Your body hurts. Believe it or not, depression can manifest physically.

If you feel you could be depressed, seeking help earlier rather than later isn’t just smart, it’s necessary.

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