Don’t Worry About Your Garden When On Vacation – Use These Tips Instead

Don't Worry About Your Garden When On Vacation - Use These Tips Instead

Going away on vacation can be stressful enough as it is. You will need to spend a couple of days packing to make sure that you have enough clothes to last you the duration, and you might even have to do quite a bit of admin if you need to update your passport and apply for a visa. All of this while the kids and everyone else is getting more and more excited could be a lot to manage at once! So, there’s no wonder why people don’t want to try to add any more stress onto their vacation preparations.

However, if you have a garden and are a keen gardener, you will need to think carefully about your outdoor spaces to ensure they will last while you are away. After all, you don’t want to come back to an overgrown jungle! Many homeowners worry about their gardens when they are away for a week or more, especially if they go traveling during the summer months. However, as long as you use these preparation tips, you won’t have much to worry about!

Add A Sprinkler SystemAdd A Sprinkler System

One of the main concerns of most homeowners going away on vacation is that their plants and flowers won’t get enough water while they are away. This can be a big worry in the summer months when hardly any rain is expected. Thankfully, there is one way around it. You just need to install a sprinkler or irrigation system to your garden. If you take a look at, you can get an idea of the different ones you can get. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your garden. Most of these can be automated so they will water your garden at set times to ensure that your plants get plenty to drink throughout the day.

Use Water Gels In Hanging Baskets And Pots

Of course, there might be some plants that can not be reached by sprinklers or irrigation systems. These will be ones in plant pots inside your home and those outside in hanging baskets. Thankfully, there is a solution – water gels! You can now buy small gels that are made with water and can be put into the pot or hanging basket with your plants. These gels will slowly release their liquid over time, so your plants can stay hydrated while you are away even if the sprinkler can’t reach them.

Delay Planting And Seed Sowing

If you were going to plant some seedlings or sow a few seeds before you jet off on holiday, it’s worth asking if you can hold off and do this once you get home. That’s because when most plants and flowers are growing, they will require a lot of water as well as plenty of attention. In fact, your sprinkler system might not be able to keep up with demand! So, if you can wait a little while to plant any seeds or seedlings, then it is always better to do so. You don’t need to worry about then planting something out of season – after all, the weather never changes too drastically in the space of a week or two!

Tie Any Plants That Will Shoot Up

When some plants are growing, they can shoot up very quickly indeed. If you know that some of your greenery is due a growth spurt while you are away, it’s worth tying them to sticks of bamboo or other sticks before you go. They are then all ready to grow very tall, and you won’t have to worry about them blowing over in the wind and snapping. Just make sure that you don’t tie them too tightly, though, as they will need some breathing space so that they can grow properly.

Invest In Automated Greenhouse Windows

Some people like to move as many of their pot plants and other movable flowers and vegetables into their greenhouse while they are away. That’s because the greenhouse provides them with protection from the elements and any pests that might enter your garden while you are away. However, it’s necessary to regulate the airflow through greenhouses, which can simply be done by opening the windows a couple of times each day. Of course, you won’t be able to do that while you are away. Thankfully, most greenhouse companies offer a great solution in the form of automatic windows. You just need to install these windows into your greenhouse so that you can set a timer for them. Then, they’ll open and close slightly while you are away on your vacation.

Find A Gardening Friend

If you have a friend or relative who lives nearby who shares the same passion for gardening as you do, then it’s worth asking them very politely if they would be happy to come and look after your outdoor spaces while you are away. You shouldn’t give them too much to do or expect too much for them – after all, they aren’t a professional gardener and will also need to worry about their own garden and other chores! However, I’m sure that most people will be happy to water their friends’ plants if needed. If you are going away for a very long time, then you might want to ask nicely if they wouldn’t mind mowing your lawn for you as well!

Hire A Gardener

If you don’t know anyone who would be able to help you out while you are away, you could always hire a gardener like if you are really worried about leaving your garden unattended. You just need to tell them which days you would like them to work on the garden and what needs doing. In fact, this might be a good chance to hire someone to do some big landscaping work that you’ve wanted doing for a while.

As you can see, you don’t have to stress about your garden too much when you are on holiday. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure it survives your absence!

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