Embrace the Season with these 3 Autumnal Homeware Crafts

Embrace the Season with these 3 Autumnal Homeware Crafts

It’s always nice to spruce up the home each time there’s a change of season, but it can be expensive running out and buying lots of decorative new items every few months. However you can save money while letting your creative juices flow by crafting and DIYing your own decorations instead, here are some fantastic autumnal projects you could consider.

Autumn Wreath

One recent post is a clue that we’re a fan of wreaths and don’t just see them as Christmas decor! They’re stunning design pieces and can be used all year round- and you have plenty of options especially when it comes to autumn foliage. You could collect real fallen autumn leaves, evergreen branches, pine cones, berries, dried fruit and more if you’d like to create a fresh wreath. If you want something longer lasting, you could cut your own leaves from felt or paper if it’s going to be hung inside. Start with your wreath frame (it could be a wire or a polystyrene version depending on your preference) and start building. Either pin on your decorative items or use a hot glue gun- the smaller 12mm gluesticks are useful for precision and giving a smart finish. You could finish with a large decorative bow at the bottom or just leave it as it is. It’s a gorgeous piece of decor to hang on any internal or external door, and is a great way to bring in the season to your home.

Fall Table CenterpieceTable Centerpiece

The colder weather is a chance to enjoy some cozy meals at home- when barbeque season is over there’s nothing better than enjoying some warming home cooked food inside with loved ones. If you’re having a dinner party, a family get together or are celebrating a special occasion like thanksgiving at home, then it’s worth making the table look nice. And a centerpiece is a great way to make a statement. Cut the top off a pumpkin and hollow it out to create a festive vase. Fill it with seasonal flowers, there will be plenty of budget options at the grocery store at the moment. If you have any sunflowers or other pretty blooms growing in your garden you could always add these. Add some bright red or burnt orange napkins and a matching table runner to the table to finish the look.


Collect some berries, pine cones and twigs for your base, and then and dry some fruit slices in the oven. Get hold of some whole spices such as cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks, and then add some powdered spices and essential oils to your mixture to make it smell good. From there you can simply arrange it all on a tray or in a bowl for a festive fall decor piece and air freshener. Once the smell begins to fade add a few more drops of the oil, you can buy this online and it’s available in just about any scent. Something autumnal such as cinnamon, spiced apple and vanilla would all work well.

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