Fabulous Ways To Pamper Yourself This Evening

Fabulous Ways To Pamper Yourself This Evening

Let’s face it, in the rat race of life we can all be guilty of burning the candle at both ends, am I right? Working hard and playing harder it seems is a trend many millennial are embracing these days, but how long before you start to crumble around the edges? The truth it, we all need a little downtime, and pampering yourself in an evening is a lovely way to rejuvenate your mind and feel better and more refreshed. I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous ways you could pamper yourself this evening, enabling you to kick start the day the right way.

Enjoying a long hot bath

One of the first ways you can do it is enjoy a nice long hot bath. Many people associate water with relaxation, and a bath can be just the tonic to ease aching muscles and relax your mind after a busy day. Use your favorite bubble bath, add a face mask into the mix and read a book for a little while. Let the warm water soothe you and relax you, ready for the rest of your evening. Some people think that the whole chore of running a bath can take too long and choose the shower instead, but the fast paced water of the shower actually helps stimulate you and not relax, hence why so many people benefit from a shower first thing.

Revamping your hair

Your hair can be a bit of giveaway that you are feeling a little run down and tired, so breathe some new life into it. You could consider investing in some new hair care products like a hair mask or new shampoos that will add shine or volume to your hair. Spend the time to blow dry it instead of letting it dry naturally. You may be surprised that a little effort now in this area could see you having more time when getting ready in the morning as half the battle with your hair is already done.

Taking time with your skincare routine

Your skin is an instant giveaway you are not yourself, so make sure you take the time to freshen up your skincare routine. Maybe add a new face mask to help clear out your pores, add a soothing moisturizer to your skin and even spend time on your body to ensure that you are keeping your skin hydrated. It is one of the biggest organs we have, so make sure you take care of it.

Embracing an early night

There is no denying that an early night is a great way to pamper yourself. There is nothing sleep can’t cure, I don’t think. In truth though, if you are feeling worn out the chances are tiredness and fatigue are playing a part in it. Get yourself relaxed in an evening and book in an early night to catch up on that essential sleep. Some sleeping tips: avoid alcohol or caffeine to ensure you get a peaceful night’s rest.

I hope that these options help you to star pampering yourself and feeling rejuvenated ready for the next day ahead.

This Self-Care guide, below, was created by Tyler’s Beauty & Spa Academy, a nail tech school.

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