Feeling Sluggish? Top Tips To Get You Back To Vitality

Feeling Sluggish? Top Tips To Get You Back To Vitality

Most of us have days when we’re feeling a little run down, lethargic or just plain lazy. Some of us call them duvet days while the boss is told they’re sick days. When you don’t feel like doing anything except eating chocolate on the sofa all day, there could be a reason behind it. Sometimes it’s just those pesky hormones giving us a tough time. Or it might be because your diet hasn’t been quite as health-conscious as you hoped it would be.

They say we are what we eat. That’s not entirely true, but if you’re heading toward the processed junk instead of the fruits and nuts, you may be in for some trouble. Not only will you be missing out on all those valuable nutrients, but you will crave the same again more often. If you give in to the lazy feeling, you’ll find it more difficult to pick yourself up again. And you might end up stuck in a rut.

Instead, aim to detox your body. Clear out all the junk you’ve been harboring lately. You can use something as simple as Detox water to get your system shifting again. The hydration, coupled with a few key vitamins and minerals will help your body do the job it’s good at. Aim to remove processed foods and drinks from your diet for a week. It may be hard to do for the first few days, but it could be worth persevering.

Nuts are a great way to fill up at snack time. They add crucial fiber to your diet, so they’re very filling. Just thirty grams could be enough to see you through to lunchtime. Eating bananas in the afternoon may be all you need to see you through to a healthy dinner too. Keeping busy, so you’re not thinking about food, is a good coping mechanism. Some people go for a walk or a jog. Others try a few Yoga poses to clear their mind and refocus. Drinking a cup of water each time you feel hunger or cravings could help you last that extra half an hour.

Exercise is key to feeling energized. Make sure you’re doing thirty minutes of sweating four times a week. This will help the toxins in your body come out, and can give you clearer skin too! Your strength and stamina will be much improved in just a week or two. If you haven’t done much exercise in a while, spend a good amount of time stretching before and after each workout.

Add some porridge oats with milk to your evenings. Some people believe that carbs close to bedtime can induce weight gain. But porridge oats can help you last through the night without feeling hungry. You’ll sleep more soundly, allowing your body to heal, regenerate and revitalize. And the following day you may even feel more satiated for longer.

It’s hard to feel determined and motivated to do the right thing on a duvet day. But it is definitely worth giving yourself that much-needed kick up the bottom! Get to it!

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