Getting A Swedish Massage

Getting A Swedish Massage

Getting your first massage can be extremely confusing. After all, there are so many different types of massages, and so individuals can often be at a loss regarding what one to go for. This article is here to introduce you to one of the most popular options – a Swedish massage. Read on to discover what this massage is, what you can expect to encounter during the treatment, and what benefits you will reap as a result of having it…

What is a Swedish massage?

There is only one place to begin, and this is by revealing what this type of massage therapy is. It is actually the most common type of massage people experience at spas. It involves various different hand techniques, such as cross-fiber friction, kneading and gliding. These techniques are used to break up adhesions i.e. muscle knots. Why is it called a Swedish massage? This is because it is centered on the Western concepts of physiology and anatomy. This is as opposed to energy work, which is what a lot of other massages are based on.

What happens during a Swedish massage?

Before you rush of to book this treatment, you will probably want to know what it entails. So, let’s take a look at each of the techniques used in a bit of further detail…

  • Petrissage technique – This technique involves compressing and kneading work. It gets deep into the muscle tissues to loosen them. This increases circulation and relaxes your muscles.
  • Effleurage technique – This is one of the main techniques used during a Swedish massage. It involves evenly and gently rubbing oils over your body. The masseuse will use their open palm to do so.
  • Tapotement technique – The third and final technique you should be aware of is the Tapotement technique. The masseuse will use their palms, fingers and the sides of their hands in order to tap your muscles. It is almost like they are using their hands as a drumstick.

What are the benefits of a Swedish massage?

  • Relieve stress – If work is getting you down, or if you are feeling anxious about something, or if you are simply feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders – Swedish massages are ideal. This is also why a lot of people have acupuncture. This is another great way to relieve stress. Treatments like this can help you to cope with life better and feel more at ease.
  • Help with muscle strain – Are you muscles feeling stiff and strained? If so, book a Swedish massage. This type of therapy will help because it shortens recovery time and helps you to feel better faster. It does this by helping your lymph system to flush metabolic waste from your muscles, such as uric acid and lactic acid.
  • Lymph system workout – Last but not least, the final benefit associated with this type of massage is that it provides your lymph system with an excellent workout. Moreover, the movements used to apply pressure to your muscles are in tune with the natural flow of blood back to your heart.

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