Great Tips For Weaning Yourself Off Caffeine

Great Tips For Weaning Yourself Off Caffeine

Although caffeine is an incredibly useful drug, it’s not 100% healthy. Most people in the developed world can barely get out of bed without the promise of a steaming mug of coffee. If that image has already got you itching, or you simply want to improve your health, then read on. Here are some helpful pointers on cutting down on caffeine, and still staying awake!

First of all, try substituting your coffee for other, healthier sources of energy. Green tea s one popular supplement for coffee, which an increasing amount of people are switching to. The transition isn’t going to be easy, so try cutting down little by little. Start off by substituting one coffee, then another, then another. You can choose the increment, as long as you are actually cutting down! I’m not going to lie to you – it will take quite a lot of green tea to get the same kick you’d have from a double espresso! If you’re still feeling lethargic during the day, then it may be worth looking into healthy, natural stimulants.  Drinks containing choline with DMAE and Ginkgo Biloba are a fairly popular choice.

Watching your carb intake is another good way to cut down on caffeine. This is especially recommended for people who suffer from fatigue in the afternoon. If you get back from lunch and can’t stomach the thought of more work, then think about what you’re eating. Instead of necking espressos, you might be able to feel more energetic by cutting down the carbs in your lunch. Take away the bread, and substitute it with something with a lot of protein. Mixed nuts and tuna are my personal favourites for a working lunch. Getting out of this habit might be a stretch, especially if you look forward to that sub all day. However, if you’re serious about cutting down on caffeine, it’s a good idea to find some healthier sources of energy.

Another way to boost your energy levels is by taking a power nap, or simply getting more sleep. I’m not suggesting you drop your head on the desk and dose off – unless you have the world’s best boss. However, once you get home from work, snoozing for an hour or so can make you wake up feeling really invigorated. Various studies have been conducted which have shown a number of health benefits in napping. If you can guarantee you won’t sleep the day away, scheduling yourself a power nap could be a great way to feel more alert. Alternatively, you could try to get a bit closer to the recommended eight hours of sleep. With your working hours and other obligations, your free time is probably very valuable. However, if you want to be as healthy as possible, it’s important to aim for the right amount of sleep.

Caffeine withdrawal isn’t pretty, I assure you. However, the long-term health benefits are well worth the effort. Take this advice, and you should be able to wean yourself off in relative comfort. The first week is the worst, so stay strong!

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