Health Changes You Can Make To Benefit Your Household

Health Changes You Can Make To Benefit Your Household

Running a house can be very challenging. You have to work, cook, clean and various other chores. When you’re doing this it becomes hard to keep on top of other important issues like your health and the health of your family. Being productive in the household is one thing, but when you have to bear the health and well-being of everyone in mind it can become quite overpowering. However, there are a few things you can do which are fairly easy, and can keep you and your family healthy:

Stop Smoking

It’s an obvious one, but still, one that needs to be addressed. If you smoke around your partner or children, you need to stop. It’s damaging beyond belief and can give them cancer and bad lungs. The dangers of secondhand smoke are all well known, however it can be hard to kick the habit, especially for those of you who’ve smoked for years. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man, but there are better ways of getting in your system. Vaping is a new trend by which you inhale vapour containing nicotine instead of smoke. It contains far less chemicals and if the person vaping holds in the vapour for the right amount of time then almost no excess vapour will be exhaled as you breathe out. Meaning no second hand smoke is inhaled by bystanders. There are some great vaping tools out there which can help you take the vapour in exactly the way you want to, Wulf Mods 75W is a great example, allowing you to adjust the wattage and dosage to suit the individual. It means no more smelly house, better air quality, and less health risks for you and your loved ones.

Keep Your Pets Flea Free

Fleas are an irritant to your pets, making their lives a misery. But if they aren’t properly managed they can also prove quite the nuisance to you and your family. A flea bite usually comes out as an irritating and itchy red bump, which isn’t too much to worry about. But they can sometimes turn quite nasty, forcing you to the doctors for cream and antibiotics. However, some people are allergic to flea bites and can get shortness of breath and severe itching, in which case a trip to the hospital may be necessary. The best counter is to keep your cat and dog flea free by using specific flea treatment. You might also try some home remedies for fleas on cats. Finally, you should steam clean your carpet if a constant problem persists. It may be a bit expensive, but if you have a flea issue, steam cleaning can resolve it fairly quickly.

Service Your Boilers and Fires

All products in your home that burn a kind of fuel will let off CO2, carbon monoxide. It’s a nasty byproduct of burning and is in the air all around us, however high quantities of the substance can be quite damaging. It can cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, and even death. You should get them serviced once a year to ensure they are working correctly and not emitting too much CO2. It can also save you some cash, boilers which work properly are more efficient. You can get CO2 alarms, which alert you when there’s too much of the substance in the air, they’re fairly cheap, but should not be used instead of getting the service. This annual thing requires little effort and isn’t too expensive, some boilers even come with a service warranty so it may be worth checking whether yours does before shelling out.

Use Plants Inside The House

Plants are a great source of clean air. Research has shown that houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air. As our homes are sometimes sealed from the outside world, toxins can build up from paint, dust and furniture which we then of course inhale. Plants can help purify the air and generally make the home a better living environment. They can even feed on carbon monoxide fumes. They look great in your home too, and can be got for relatively cheap prices. You can use herbs to decorate the kitchen which can also be used in cooking. They’re usually best placed on windowsills so they can benefit from the sunlight. There are many air purifying plants, but the best include garden mum, which can remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene and comes in a lovely wane yellow. Spider plant, which is an easy houseplant to grow and also purifies the air around it and dracaena, which is also fairly easy to grow but is toxic to cats and dogs so not a good bet if you’ve got cats. The full list of the most purifying plants can be found here.

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