How To Attract More Leads To Your Freelance Portfolio Website

How To Attract More Leads To Your Freelance Portfolio Website

If you’re running a freelance business, there are two main ways to gain clients. First, you can pitch hard and fast. You send emails, pick up the phone, and chase companies about opportunities. The second way is to let them come to you. By attracting clients to your website, it puts you in the bargaining position, and gives you the upper hand. But, how – exactly – do you get more leads to your site? Today’s post is all about generating that interest, by driving more traffic to your freelancer portfolio or website.

Content – As a freelancer, content is your holy grail. By creating wonderful content, you can prove to clients how knowledgeable you are. With compelling blogs, tutorials or videos, you are proving yourself as an expert. It’s a chance to show off your skills, and convince clients to get in touch. Better yet, great content gets shared all over the web. It will work its way in front of potential clients, and lead them back to your website. Try it yourself.

SEO – Search engine optimization is often confusing for newbies, but it’s vital for your business. It’s all about getting your company website on the front page of Google results. Remember, your clients are looking for services just like yours. Your site needs to appear when they’re searching. The experts at FSE Online highlight the three main principles of SEO as keywords, linking, and website performance. Try to implement them on your portfolio site.

Guest blogging – Writing content on your personal blog is one thing, but writing for others will truly expand your reach. First of all, guest blogging on another website will extend your name in the business. You’ll tap into a whole new audience, and you can send links back to your site. These links will drive new leads straight to your portfolio. It will also strengthen your SEO, and help boost your Google ranking. Start by reaching out to other bloggers in your niche, and ask to write a post for them.

Real world networking – Sometimes, there’s nothing more effective than good old networking. Get out in the community, and connect with others in your industry. Attend networking events, conferences, and speaking gigs. Reach out to others, and introduce yourself. Leave them with a business card and an email address. These targeted leads are key to growing your business, and might just land you a freelance gig.

Advertising – The last trick in the book is perhaps the most effective of all. The caveat here is that it’s also the most expensive. Advertising is a great way to drive more traffic and visitors to your website. If you do it right, it might even pay for itself by landing you a client too. Our suggestion is to promote or sponsor your content on Facebook. You can pick your target audience, and get your best content in front of them.

More leads equals more inquiries, and, ultimately, more sales. Have you got any nifty tricks for boosting your website leads?

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