Improving Customer Relations With the Little Things

Improving Customer Relations With the Little Things

It’s the little things that mean a lot, and when it comes to establishing a worthwhile customer relationship, we don’t need to necessarily go for sexy marketing strategies, we can harness allegiance and dedication to our brand by making the most of the little things. And so, are there any things that every business can do to make the most of this?

Observe Their Buying Habits

Nowadays, it’s far easier for us to make the most of analytics software to observe the methods in how customers buy certain products, not to mention the times of day. But what do we do with this information to help improve our relationship with the customer? There are simple ways to store the data, such as customer database software and you can check it now to see if this is a worthwhile approach for you, but needless to say, once you’ve stored up enough data about your customers and, not just their buying habits, but other little details, you can make the entire shopping experience more personable. Something as simple as a birthday email, offering your customer a voucher, is a perfect example of showing the customer you care.

Take Advantage Of The Personable Approach

It’s not just in email marketing, or our online relationships that we can take advantage; it’s about the face to face, or rather, voice to ear approach. Following up with your customer, such as by a quick phone call, after they bought an item is simple, but it gives you the information you really want to know. How did you do? Was there anything that can be improved? And so on. The personable approach can be beneficial in so many ways, not just in terms of getting feedback, but in making your customers feel that they are part of the experience, and not a casual observer.

Go Above And Beyond

This could be done with the aforementioned birthday email, but there are so many other ways for you to make the customers experience memorable. They say you should go above and beyond for your customers every time, but we seldom do, either because we have staff members that below par, or we don’t communicate it to be part of our business ethos as much as we should. We see it more in the service industry, because the experience is integral to the customer’s enjoyment. But even if a customer is spending a few minutes in a store, or buying online, we shouldn’t be lax in improving the experience. After all, the customer never remembers what they bought, but rather how they felt when they bought it. If they have a bad experience, they will be quick to shout about your business, and on the other hand, if they have an amazing experience, they will shout this from the rooftops.

In the modern business world, we feel that we’ve got to grab customers with big, bold and brash statements, but there’s a lot to be said about nurturing customer relationships with the little things. If you have customers that are on the fence with you, or they are considering leaving you, it is these small approaches to your service that will improve everything overall.

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