Intimacy without the ‘S’ word – 4 Ways to Get Closer Without Intercourse

Intimacy without the ‘S’ word - 4 Ways to Get Closer Without Intercourse

There are many different reasons why intercourse isn’t working for you and your partner right now. Perhaps stress is killing the mood or financial concerns are proving to be a bit of a third wheel in the bedroom. Sometimes, medical issues get in the way of intimacy, and if your partner is suffering from the symptoms of low libido as a result of low testosterone levels, it can quickly put a strain on your relationship.

Thankfully, there are treatments out there for those suffering from low testosterone levels – for more information on sermorelin acetate therapy, click the link. However, in the meantime, if you’re struggling to get close to your partner or you’re hoping to reignite the spark of intimacy you once had, then don’t worry.

Please read on for 4 ways to get closer to your partner without intercourse:

The importance of touch

Touching each other is a simple, yet effective way to express your feelings for each other. It doesn’t even have to be erotic or have sexual connotations to be intimate and loving. Embracing for no particular reason, touching their face or even just touching their arm or hand as you chat are all great ways to feel more connected. Massages, head rubs and kissing of the body are ways you can incorporate the erotic sense touch into the bedroom. As relationships mature and familiarity sets in, it’s almost natural for this type of connection to drop off and no longer play a part in your relationship so, make a point of bringing it back and you’ll both enjoy it.

Hold hands

It sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many couples no longer do this after just a few months of dating. Holding hands is a simple, intimate act that gives you both the opportunity to feel closer to each other. It’s been reported that holding hands releases oxytocin or the love hormone, so next time you’re walking down the street, walking the aisles of the supermarket, sat watching TV or even driving along the highway, reach out for their hand.


Again, it sounds obvious, but thanks to modern life and our desire to do nothing but look at a screen after a hard day’s work, it’s hardly surprising that many couples neglect to talk. Deep conversations about your relationship aren’t just good for intimacy, but they also help strengthen the foundations of your relationship. Chatting each week and checking in with each other allows you to quash any feelings of worry or inadequacy and will ultimately bring you closer together.

Develop new interests

Developing new interests as a couple will help you find ways to be intimate and feel closer without the expectation of sex. You could choose something athletic or health-driven to try together, such as hitting a gym class, taking up jogging or a new sport. Or try learning something new and accompany each other to a book club, concerts or theater shows. New interests equal shared experiences, giving you more to talk about and more moments to share.

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