Is There Such A Thing As A Quiet Birthday Party For Kids?

Is There Such A Thing As A Quiet Birthday Party For Kids?

Kids parties are notorious for lots of delighted squeals of excitement and plenty of hustle and bustle. If your kids are due a birthday soon, you might already be dreading the potential mess and apologies to the neighbors! If only there were a quieter way. You can opt for a quieter birthday this year, if your kids are agreeable. Something smaller in scale and spent at home could be ideal. Would your kids agree to that?

Children are more willing to forego the mass class invite than you might think. As they get a little older, they start to develop closer friendships with just one or two children. Chances are, they might prefer something a little smaller themselves. Then all you need to decide is how you want to celebrate.

Quiet birthday parties often involve a meal and a couple of fun activities. Things, like watching a movie, spending time on the trampoline, or heading out to the play center, are firm favorites. You don’t have to go for any of these options, of course. When there are just a few of you, it is easier to organize the activities that you prefer. Why not set up a few games and activities yourself, like a pirate treasure hunt with prizes for everyone, or a round of traditional party games? These can be as noisy or quiet in nature as you like.

A quiet party at home also gives you the opportunity to cater yourself. Have you ever attempted to make a birthday cake? You don’t have to be Betty Crocker to make delicious royal icing and cute little decorations for it either. Best of all, you’ll be in complete control of the recipe and ingredients. This gives you the option of healthy choices or catering for any food sensitivities.

You can also whip up some fun homemade drinks. Avoid the sugary stuff by mixing up different cocktails of fruit juices or smoothies. Make them fun by adding cute cocktail umbrellas and a slice of fruit. Because fruit is so colorful, it makes wonderful party food. You can use it as decorations or create fun fruit platters for sharing.

Of course, children do love to get loud and excited! If you think that’s all part of the fun of being the birthday kid, why not hire a venue where they can let off that steam? Play or activity centers often offer party bookings. You can choose how many children to invite, and even bring your own food. Other alternatives include restaurants and community halls. They each have their benefits, so pick the one that best suits you.

A quiet birthday could be a family-only event too. It is perhaps the most special way to celebrate because you’ll get so much quality time together. Your little ones are growing up fast, so perhaps this is the perfect time to catch up on some family photo opportunities too. No matter how big the gathering, or how noisy the party will be, your kids are sure to love it. Enjoy the day together!

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