Is Your Man Going to Propose to You?

Is Your Man Going to Propose to You

Do you have a feeling your man is going to propose to you? Do you wish that he would propose to you and stop making excuses/not telling you anything at all? This post should help you to work out what’s going on, and whether you’ll be getting a proposal anytime soon.

He Starts Monitoring Your Schedule Closely

If your man has never taken an interest in your schedule before, and all of a sudden he won’t leave you alone about it, this is a surefire way that he’s going to propose to you. If you think he’s asking strange questions about where you’ll be and at what time, this could be the reason. It might be time to start planning your wedding!

He’s a Little Secretive

Your man could be secretive for a lot of reasons, but sometimes it can be because he’s discussing the perfect ring for you with people he trusts. It might be family of yours, friends of yours, or even his own. Maybe he’s secretive with his phone. Maybe a parcel comes and he’s vague about what’s inside. It could be a sign!

He Stops Taking an Interest Suddenly

Do you feel like he’s stopped speaking to you? He won’t completely lose interest – he might still cuddle you and hold your hand. However, he might be struggling to work out what to say to you when this is all he can think about.

Everybody is Acting Weird

Maybe you’ve noticed a few people around you acting weird. They might be in on the secret. They might be hiding the laptop screen when they are looking at Charles Rose rings. Maybe they’re not actually being weird, and it’s you.

He Starts to Behave Himself

Perhaps your man is panicking that he hasn’t made a good enough boyfriend to become your husband. He might start to behave himself if this is the case! He could try to sweeten you up with things like breakfast in bed, doing the dishes, and running you baths.

He Talks About the Future With You

If your man has talked about the future with you, then you can be pretty sure that he sees one and wants one. This doesn’t guarantee he’ll do it anytime soon, but it does make the future look brighter!

He Asks About Your Jewelry

If he starts asking random questions about your jewelry, it could be because he is trying to find the perfect piece for you. He might ask what style you like, or specifically, your ring size. This could definitely be a sign that he’s off out to buy the ring.

Whether you think your man is on a mission to propose to you or not shouldn’t matter too much right now. As long as you’re both happy and you’re complimenting one another in general, you should be pleased. It’s nice when they commit to you like this, but ultimately, it’s just a ceremony. Many people forget the real reason behind it as they are so desperate to get married!

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