Job Description: Internet Marketer

Job Description: Internet Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, and many people want to be a part of it. The recent rise of digital marketing has coined dozens of new occupations, from web administrators to community managers and SEO consultants. If you want to develop your career on some of these positions, you’ll need extensive education and lots of practical experience. Luckily, most internet marketing jobs don’t require you to have a special Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, although some MAs degrees will come in handy. In this article, we’re going to describe this dynamic career path and analyze the typical day of the internet marketer.

Different occupations within the Internet Marketing niche

The majority of internet marketing professionals are experts at advertising products or services on the World Wide Web. They mainly deal with websites, social networks, email marketing, affiliate networks, and forums. Internet marketing is a very broad term, and many internet marketers specialize in only one of the following channels. For example, community managers post content on social networks and run social network ad campaigns, while content bloggers and other content creators generate written, graphic, audio and video content for websites, blogs, and social media accounts.

There are also affiliate marketers. They create high-traffic websites and blogs and share affiliate links. Since this became a very popular profession in the recent years, you can easily find a Getting Started guide on the websites of famous affiliate marketing gurus. Some companies also employ internet marketing experts to run their AdWords and other PPC marketing campaigns. These professionals are experts for the Keyword Planner and other helpful tools provided by Google AdWords. There are also professionals who work with all of these channels and run the complete digital marketing departments in companies and marketing agencies.

Required skills and education

As we’ve mentioned earlier, most professions within the digital marketing field don’t require any formal education. In spite of this, some Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees do come in handy, when applying to certain internet marketing positions. These include various business, English, journalism and communication degrees.

Internet marketers also need to be familiar with web development and web, graphic and media design. MA or BA in marketing will help internet marketing professionals understand their audience better, create spotless sales funnels, acquire leads and turn them into customers. These and many other skills can also be acquired on online educational platforms like MIT OCW, Udemy and Coursera.

A typical day in life of an Internet Marketer

A day of an internet marketer starts with a warm cup of coffee or tea, the same as the day of any other marketing professional. The difference between digital marketers and their colleagues from other fields is that they use their morning coffee time to check their social media posts and review their website statistics.

Unlike regular 9-to-5 employees, most internet marketers don’t have a strict working routine. Their workday usually consists of three specific activities:

1.      Content creation

Internet marketers need to generate a lot of content, and that is why they spend at least 30% of their time in creating engaging content pieces. This activity includes:

  • Writing articles, eBooks, slogans and social media posts;
  • Creating infographics, logos, and banners;
  • Recording and editing videos;
  • Recording and editing audio podcasts;

2.      Relationship building

Strong relationships are very important for internet marketers. Professionals in this field can reach their highest goals only with the help of people they’ve surrounded themselves with. There are many ways you can build relationships in the digital marketing niche. Writing and sending guest posts is one of them and you can also take part in various online and offline events, including webinars, conferences, seminars and company celebrations.

Job Description: Internet Marketer3.      Marketing tasks

Marketing tasks involve promoting the content you’ve created and assessing its reach on the websites and social media pages you’re running. For these activities, most people use advanced analytic apps like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, and Hootsuite.

What the future holds?

Internet marketing is a very dynamic niche, which offers great perspective to young professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the employment in the digital marketing field will increase by 19% before 2024. At the moment, marketing managers earn more than six figures, and their salary is steadily growing.

The position of a research analyst is also very attractive to recent grads. It offers great career advancement opportunities. The development of big data is positively influencing the digital marketing niche. In the future, professionals who are skilled at structuring, analyzing and drawing conclusions from massive amounts of stored information, will be the highest paid experts in the digital marketing field.

The dynamics of digital marketing niche attract many talents, and that is why digital marketers need to reserve a special time of their day for self-improvement. The top companies and digital marketing agencies are only interested in candidates who are familiar with the most recent marketing trends and who use the latest tools to create the best possible outreach. So, if you wish to find a dynamic job and develop your career in a prospering niche, internet marketing should be the industry of your choice.

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