Lend A Helping Hand: How To Find A Career That Involves Helping Others

How To Find A Career That Involves Helping Others

We all have certain things we tick off a list to determine if a career is right for us or not. A lot of people have one particular thing in mind that they use to find their career. For some, it could be as simple as wanting a job that involves helping others.

There are many people out there that dream of a career where they can work with people and help them in some way, shape, or form. Choosing a career like this can be very rewarding, which makes it easier to get out of bed and go to work every day. If you know that you’re helping someone and having an impact on their life, it just makes you want to work harder, and you enjoy your job more and more.

The question is; how do you find a career that involves helping others? Well, there are a few things to consider. Mainly, you need to think about what careers are out there for you to try. But, you’ve also got to think about the different skills/qualifications you might need to pursue what’s known as a ‘helping career.’ Don’t worry, all of these things will be discussed in this article.

Choosing A Helping Career

There are loads of careers out there that fall into this category. If we ran through them all, you’d end up sat at your desk all day, being bombarded with too much information. So, I’ve made life easier and picked out a few of the most popular:

Social Worker

If you want a rewarding career that’s based on helping others, then social work is for you. A lot of people often wonder; what is a Social Worker? Truthfully, the career itself is very simple to understand. Your job involves helping people or communities tackle various issues and resolves problems. There are different types of social worker jobs, each one can involve various tasks and responsibilities. But, the core premise behind the career remains the same; you’re helping others.


There are quite a few people who don’t even realize this career exists. As a dietician, your job is to help people with their diet and nutrition. We all know there’s an obesity epidemic, and people are simply eating poorly. You can help them out by telling them what to eat and what to avoid eating on a regular basis. It’s a career where you directly help others and can invoke changes in people’s lives. By doing this, you can make a real difference and help people live for a lot longer and stay clear from many health problems. It’s a very rewarding career and a job that’s in high demand at the moment.


People up and down the country deal with mental problems and high levels of stress. As such, they often need someone to help make sense of their problems and push them on the right path. As a psychologist, you will do just that as your main aim is to listen to others and help them. You could deal with people in very bad positions in their life, and your words of wisdom can turn their life around. There are different types of psychologist jobs out there such as a sports psychologist, child psychologist, etc.

Home Health Aide

For those that don’t know, a home health aide focuses on helping out elderly people in their home. You will visit people’s homes and assist with daily activities they can’t do on their own. It’s a very important career as there are many senior people that wish to live in their own home but require a little extra assistance. You can help them feel more independent and improve their quality of life.

Skills You Need For A Helping Career

As you can see, there are many different jobs to choose from, and they all include different responsibilities. In fact, the work you do in one of those jobs can be vastly different to what you do in another one.

However, they are all helping careers, and this means there are a few common skills you need for all these jobs:

  • Empathy
  • Great communication
  • Excellent patience
  • Well organized
  • Resourceful
  • Quick thinking
  • Caring
  • Problem solving

If you have all of these skills, you’ll be in a good position to pursue a helping career. If you don’t, then you need to work on them before you apply. Then, when you do apply, consider the jobs mentioned earlier as they are some of the best and most meaningful ones out there.

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