Major Mistakes that might lead to Overnight Aging

Major Mistakes that might lead to Overnight Aging

We cannot avoid getting old. No matter what we do and how many lotions, creams, or plastic surgeries we go through, there is simply nothing that can stop the process of aging. One day you notice a wrinkle in the corner of your eye, the next day it becomes crow’s feet, and the day after that there are wrinkles all over your forehead and around your mouth. It’s horrible, and what’s even worse, it’s unavoidable.

However, some people age better than others. While some of us age without grace, and cannot recognize the old person looking back at us from the mirror, the lucky few manage to age and still look fabulous. What do they know that we don’t? It remains a mystery, but at least we’ve managed to uncover some of the sneakier enemies we have. While there is no way to tell you how to be young forever, there are some mistakes we make on daily basis, which you should avoid if you don’t want to wake up in the morning as an old lady.

1. Unhealthy diet

The first mistake is probably the most obvious one – unhealthy diet. Skipping your veggies in favor of a hamburger may seem like a faster (and a more filling) choice, but in the long run, your body will throw that negligence right back at you. Some foods – all of the usual suspects, like sugar, alcohol, and processed meat, but also some sneaky ones, like coffee, milk, and cheese – will cause you to cause much faster. Avoid those, and you should keep your youthful appearance for a longer time. To make sure your diet gives you the extra kick in that regard, try some of the foods that’ll help you age better, like fish, olive oil, vegetables, and green tea.

2. Lack of water

Another obvious mistake is the lack of water. Hydration is vital for the way your skin looks and feels. However, in order to make your skin look hydrated, you need to make sure your whole body is hydrated. Now, be careful, water is not an elixir of youth. If you drink too much, you won’t actually look younger than you are. However, dehydration will make you look older. So the point is, you need to drink as much water as you need. Make sure you never feel thirsty. Keep a big glass of water on your desk as you work, so you can sip whenever you feel the need to. This way, you won’t dehydrate, and you’ll spare your skin any unnecessary wrinkles.

sleeping on your face3. Sleeping on your face

You probably didn’t see this one coming, did you? Yes, sleeping on your face is bad for you. Out of all of the mistakes on this list, this one actually works the fastest, so you can literally age overnight. If you sleep on your belly, a part of your face is directly on the pillow, which can cause irritation and redness. Unfortunately, that’s not all – it causes puffiness as well. If one side of your face faces the ground, the gravity pulls the skin and fluids on that side, making it sag. Eyes get swollen and puffy, and the skin gets that unhealthy-looking red tone. Luckily, you can avoid all of these issues by just sleeping on your back!

4. Too much care

If you were thinking something along the lines of “there’s never too much care”, you are sadly mistaken. Of course you should pay attention to skin care, but be careful about how you do it. Don’t use many products on your face, because they can interfere with one another, which can actually be harmful for your skin. Even though each of the products you use may be beneficial for you, some combinations can lead to serious problems. Therefore, to avoid this, try to use as few products as possible, and always read the list of ingredients and check how they combine with other products.

5. Too little care

Of course, if you don’t take care of your skin, that’s just as bad as being overly-enthusiastic about it. You do need to spend some time on your skin if you want it to look beautiful for a long time. You need to exfoliate regularly, and cleanse and tone as well. In the summer, don’t forget about sunscreen, and always make sure your skin is moisturized. At one point you may find that it’s simply not enough, and you may want to undergo plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty or similarly small procedures, like facelift or neck lift, are a good way to feel good about your appearance without making some major changes. They make you look younger and more awake, and they’ll save you some time on your morning routine, since you won’t feel the need to apply as much makeup as before. However, as experts from Panthea Clinic point out, the key to a successful plastic surgery is in subtlety and enhancing your own beauty instead of creating something unnatural.

6. Not taking care of hygiene

Hygiene is very important, and most of the time we do take care of it. However, can you honestly say that you’ve never gone to bed with your makeup still on? Whenever you that, your pores get clogged, you risk getting acne, and of course, you ruin your skin, which looks much older in the morning, Even worse, if you keep it up, the long-term consequences include the reduced production of collagen, which means that not only will your skin look older, it’ll be older as well.

Obviously, we cannot escape age. However, we can try to avoid looking old for as long as we can.


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