Money A Little Tight Right Now? Give These Cost-Cutting Hacks A Go!

Money A Little Tight Right Now? Give These Cost-Cutting Hacks A Go!

They say that money makes the world go around – and it does. Without money in your pocket, life can be a real struggle. If you don’t have adequate funds in the bank, the world can become an incredibly stressful place. That’s why there is so much emphasis on saving money where you can and being smart about how you manage your finances.

Often, the first thing that a lot of us consider when money is tight is taking out a loan. A loan might offer a quick fix to the problem but what about the repayments – if you’re struggling now, how will you afford them? Unless you’re sure that you’ll be able to pay the money back, a loan is never the answer. The best thing to do is to find ways to cut costs.

Below are a few suggestions for cutting costs that should make spending less a little easier.

Calculate as you shop

One of the biggest monthly expenses, aside from rent and bills, is food. A mistake a lot of people make is going to the supermarket and simply piling food into their trolley. Instead, plan your meals in advance and make a list of the things that you need for them. That way, you will only buy what you actually need, reducing wastage and cutting costs. It’s also a good idea to add up your food shop using your phone’s calculator – this will prevent you from overspending. If you don’t fancy walking around the store calculating things, order your food online. As that way, you can see how much you’re spending before you pay.

Cut the cost of commuting

Commuting can be expensive, especially if your job is a long way from your home. The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can reduce how much getting to and from work costs you each month. It’s just a case of making a few changes to the way that you travel. If you normally drive yourself to work, consider car sharing. You could choose to drive other people or get a lift – depending on what you would prefer. Just think, you’d be able to cut the amount that you’re spending each week on fuel at least in half. If you car share with more than one person, you could make an even greater saving. To learn more about car sharing and the best apps to use, resources like can be useful. If you don’t like the idea of car sharing, how about taking the bus instead? This should reduce the amount that you’re spending each week by a good amount. Or, to cut all travel costs, consider cycling to work. It’s affordable, green, and would boost your health and fitness.

Take advantage of budgeting apps

Budgeting is crucial if money is tight. The only problem is that a lot of us struggle to stick to a budget, even if we’ve set it ourselves. It can be hard to manage your money and calculate what you’ve spent where, which is why budgeting apps are so helpful. These allow you to sync your bank accounts to them, and monitor what you’re spending and when. They then automatically deduct all spending from your monthly budget. If you’re trying to save money, budgeting apps are a crucial tool to use. To find out which the best ones are, sites like can be useful.

When money is tight, the answer isn’t taking out a loan, as this just ends up making things worse. What you need to do is find ways to cut costs, using methods like the ones mentioned above.

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