Most Digital Marketers Forget About These Little Details

Most Digital Marketers Forget About These Little Details

If you are launching your own business and struggling to get online attention, you might have already looked up some digital marketing tips. Online advertising, for instance, is a favorite for new businesses. Indeed, you know how important it is to raise awareness, but it is a high investment with little visible return at first. New brands experience several weeks or even months of low advertising success before users finally engage in a purchase. If you are in a position to vary your advertising campaign, then you are more likely to grab the attention of potential buyers. Additionally, if you know anything about the benefits of online advertising, you have probably heard of the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click ads. There is no content value if your content isn’t SEO-compliant, which means if it can’t be ranked by search engines. Talking about content, the increase of the Internet of Things forces marketers to become more imagination to keep their share of visibility. However, being imaginative is only half the battle; you also need to create an emotional appeal, as calls to action as just outdated. Let’s dive into the details you can’t afford to ignore.

SEO Is More Than Getting The Right Keywords

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engine ranking, most newcomers to the world of marketing focus on their keywords and link building strategies. Indeed, besides the content-related side of SEO, there is also a variety of technical factors to take into consideration. For a start, your hosting solution matters, as for search engines, a slow server that requires too long to load the content is a deal breaker. No matter how hard you’ve worked on your keywords, a slow hosting solution means a bad ranking. Additionally, the server accessibility will also influence your ranking. If the site is down and generates a 500 server error, it’s bad for your SEO. Similarly, other link status matter, such as 404 – which is a not found page – and a temporarily redirect link, 302. If you change the URL of a page, always use a 301 redirect link. 

Responsive Content For All Digital Devices

Everyone has heard about responsive design. It is about making sure that your website is accessible for all devices. In fact, all devices generally mean tablet, smartphone and laptop/computer. Most marketers tend to forget the importance of wearable technology. It may not be possible to load your entire website onto an Apple watch, but you can certainly look out for ways of including wearables accessibility to certain areas of your content. Be assured that other businesses are already looking at options too!

Emotional Appeal Beats Calls To Action

Last, but not least, it is not uncommon for marketing content and advertising to focus on the infamous call to action. You know what it looks like, it’s the line that says “book your appointment now,” or “buy waffles now before the end of the world arises and everybody dies.” Calls to action used to be effective in old days. However, nowadays the audience has developed enough cynicism to ignore the calls to action. Instead, you should create a feeling of authenticity and build an emotional connection with your target. In other words, storytelling is the new buy-now button.

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