Most People Have Already Given Up Their New Year Health Kicks. Here’s Why

Most People Have Already Given Up Their New Year Health Kicks. Here’s Why

Did you promise to make 2018 the year where you’d finally take control of your health and fitness? Already considered giving up because it seems impossible to gain success while you juggle life commitments? You are not alone.  

The harsh reality is that most people give up their healthy lifestyles within weeks of starting them. Worse still, when they try again in a few months time, they’ll inevitably fall into the same traps. But you don’t have to. Learn to resurrect your plan by correcting the following mistakes, and you’ll soon unlock the future you’ve always wanted.  

Mistake 1: Not Understanding Food

Good nutrition should provide for the backbone of any health kick. Sadly, many people go from the extreme of overeating to the extreme of not eating enough. This can be truly detrimental to the body, which is why you must find a healthier relationship with food.  

Experts like Heather Carey MS can teach you to find the right balance. By embracing natural ingredients, you won’t just lose weight and tone up. You’ll also fight off various illnesses while boosting energy levels and general well-being.

If you’ve fallen into the trap of living only to count calories, you must end this habit ASAP.  

Mistake 2: Not Understanding Exercise

Healthy eating is futile if it isn’t paired with regular exercise. All physical activity can be viewed as a step in the right direction. However, given that your time is limited, you must learn to get the most out your time in the gym or on the field.  

On a similar note, it’s important to adapt plans to suit your specific goals and aims. Training for a marathon is vastly different to improving your ability on the tennis court. Likewise, enhancing different parts of your body and physique will require varying approaches.  

When you maximize your success in the field of exercise, the positive results should provide a long-term motivational tool too.

Mistake 3: Not Understanding Your Limits

For an inexperienced health enthusiast, it can be tempting to borrow ideas from friends and family. Alternatively, you may follow a plan that has been discussed online. But no two bodies are identical, which is why finding something that works for you is vital.  

Injuries and other factors can influence your journey greatly. Whether it’s finding the right attire or following the right recovery plans doesn’t matter. Going the extra mile to do what works best for your body can make all the difference.    

Constantly taking breaks due to recurring and preventable problems will only slow your progress.  

Mistake 4: Not Understanding The Need For Longevity

During those early phases, natural motivation may get you through the potential obstacles. However, healthy living should be a lifestyle commitment rather than a short-term fix. If your plan isn’t built to last, your strategy will eventually rip at the seams.    

Aside from finding a way to fit it around your lifestyle, the journey needs to be fun. Services like Workout Buddies enable you to inject a social vibe. This makes it more enjoyable while the other person serves as inspiration and competition. Besides, their knowledge may support your progress.  

Following unsustainable plans is a trap that millions fall into each year. Ultimately, slow and steady wins the race.  

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