Must-Know Secrets For An Unforgettable Romantic Weekend

Must-Know Secrets For An Unforgettable Romantic Weekend

It’s nice to get away from it all sometimes so that you can enjoy some time off and relax. And it’s also nice to turn this time away into a loved-up romantic weekend away with your number one man! However, when you do start to plan a romantic trip away, you will have a lot more questions to answer. Where is the most romantic destination you could go to? What should you wear to impress your man? There is indeed a lot you will have to plan! To help you out, here are my top must-know secrets to help you plan an unforgettable romantic weekend.

Go Somewhere Cold

Get that idea about a few nights on a tropical island out of your head. Your loved-up break will feel a lot more romantic if you head to a cold destination. It makes sense really. You will be able to enjoy cozy accommodation and roaring open fires that the two of you can get snuggled up next to. And it also gives you an excuse for not leaving the hotel room during your entire stay! So why not book a few nights at an upscale hotel in Iceland or the Rockies?

Go Self-Catered

Do you always feel a bit embarrassed whenever you have to tip a maid or bellboy? There is an easy solution to that. You can simply stay in self-catered accommodation. When you are staying self-catered, you won’t have to worry about anyone disturbing your romantic time together. Not only that, though, but most self-catered accommodation is usually apartments or villas. That means you won’t have to worry about other guests too much, which means there is no need to store all your valuables in a safe. But one of the best things about staying in self-catered accommodation is that you can turn it into a comfortable home from home.

Dress To Impress

Not sure what to wear on your couples weekend? It always pays off to dress to impress. Even if you and your partner have been together for years, you should still make an effort and dress up. Especially if you decide to head out to have dinner at a fancy restaurant one evening! This will help your partner see that you haven’t gotten lazy in your relationship. Pulling out all the stops in the bedroom will go down really well as well. So why not buy some new lacy lingerie? Keep it as a surprise for your partner to make sure he has a big smile on his face throughout the entire trip!

Plan Ahead

It is also important to plan ahead to make sure nothing spoils your romantic weekend. For instance, if you get your period, it could put a downer on your whole trip. Thankfully, there is something you can do to stop this ruining your whole time away. You can always try taking some norethisterone for period delay. These tablets are available without a prescription and will delay the start of your period for a few days. So you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about when you might get your period! Delaying your period will also help you feel confident enough to wear your favorite white jeans without being too worried about getting them dirty!

Bring Your Own Special Touches

Are you worried that your hotel room or self-catering accommodation is going to be a bit too sterile? There is one easy solution to that! You just need to make sure you bring some extra special touches in your suitcase. For instance, why not pack an electric blanket to make sure you are super cozy in your room? You could even bring some cute fairy lights to make your hotel room extra cute and romantic. Bubble bath and some scented candles will go down especially well in the bathroom! There are loads of cool things you can bring to enhance your hotel room. Just remember to leave some space in your case for a surprise for your partner. They will love it if you bring them a surprise gift. Surprising them is a great way to get your weekend away off to a fantastic start!

Hopefully, this blog post will have given you plenty of ideas of how you can make your romantic weekend away extra special. But remember, as long as the two of you are very much in love, you will both be able to enjoy your time away no matter what happens or where you go for your romantic weekend!

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