New Location? No Problem With These Killer Hacks

New Location? No Problem With These Killer Hacks

Moving to a new business location is sometimes a necessary evil. Without the correct location, everything from sales to brand awareness can suffer. Being in the center of town with plenty of foot traffic is only a positive thing. The problem is uprooting your current operation and moving is across town. The physical act isn’t too bad; it’s what happens to the business side of things. Usually, companies suffer from a downtime and marketing point of view as IT services stop working and people aren’t aware of the change. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case with the following tips.

Here are the hacks which will smooth out the process:

Get The Cost In Writing

As a rule of thumb, the costs including in moving are estimates as the movers don’t want to sell themselves short. The problem is that you can’t budget if you don’t know the full amount. So, you need to press them into coming up with a figure. To do this, tell them a competitor has said they will do it for X amount and test their reaction. If they say they can’t set anything in stone, walk away and wait. The odds are they’ll call back with a quote. When they do, formalize it so they can’t backtrack. Otherwise, the move may cost a fortune.

Advertise Your New Address

Most companies are based online these days, so it appears as if there is no reason to broadcast the fact you’re moving. This isn’t true because you want to drill the brand into their heads, and the best way to do that is to prepare them for the change. By advertising the new address, they will look out for the building when they are in the area. Plus, it’s important that clients know about the move as they will come to the office for meetings. The easiest way to market the move is through social media posts, particularly Twitter. Instagram posts of the building work well, too.

Set Up Shop

When you move in, you want employees to be able to get back work as soon as possible. Otherwise, downtime will lead to a decrease in leads and sales. For this reason, resources such as Spectrumwise and Bekins are essential. The latter is to get all the hardware to the new location and the former is for IT purposes. Without the correct specs in the new office, there is no way to set up computers and programs and software. A quality service will take care of cabling and fiber optics as long as they have the blueprints.

Be Overbearing

Bosses shouldn’t do this on a regular basis, but it is necessary during a move. Why? It’s because quality takes a hit thanks to the chaos. As soon as workers get back to it, they may start to slack off and take liberties. Checking standards and ordering people around are two excellent ways to get them to understand this isn’t a vacation. Be sure to let your foot off the gas after a while or else you’ll start to get hated.

And you wouldn’t want that, right?

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