New Money Habits To Start In 2019

New Money Habits To Start In 2019

If this year wasn’t a great one for you financially, then a new year could signal a fresh start. Bad money habits can be tough to break but if you’re serious about taking control of your finances and preparing for your future, now is a good time to make some changes.

Get your money in order in the New Year with these new money habits to start in 2019.

Download a budgeting app

Tried and failed at sticking to a budget? Now there are intelligent solutions that can help. Budget management apps can help you keep track of your finances, telling you what you’ve spent and on what, helping you meet your savings targets and ensure that all of your bills are paid. Some of the best apps even feature artificial intelligence to help you ask spending questions and get answers about your money in real time to help you make wiser decisions.

Clear up your credit score

How’s your credit score looking? For most people, there’s always room for improvement. Some tips for a good credit score include paying off your debts, relating your debts and bills on time and not going crazy with credit. By achieving a better credit score you can get preferential rates on a lot of products such as loans and mortgages to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Your score can take time to improve but it will be satisfying to watch it climb.

Increase your savings

Having a healthy savings pot is great for a rainy day, for big purchases as well as to plan for your retirement. Are you saving enough right now? Make it a priority to save more money in 2019. There are ways to make savings every day, including leaving your car at home, cutting your energy use and cooking more at home instead of relying on takeout and eating out. Think of ways you can save to add to your pot and by this time next year, you could have some healthy savings in the bank.

Challenge your spending

There are plenty of ways to save money on your spending. From switching your energy suppliers to looking for discount coupons online – there’s no reason why you should have to pay full price. Challenging yourself to spend less or spend better can help you form better money habits overall to give you a new way of looking at how you spend money. Before you buy anything, ask yourself ‘do I really need this’, and if the answer is still yes, ‘can I get it cheaper?’. Sometimes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get – so learning how to haggle will save you a lot of money.

With a new year to enjoy a clean slate, 2019 could be a great year for improving your finances. Get 2019 off to a great new start with a fresh approach to how to manage your money for a brighter financial future.

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