New Research Reveals Modern Businesses Struggle To Stay In The Green

New Research Reveals Modern Businesses Struggle To Stay In The Green

A new report has revealed just how difficult it is for some businesses to keep their finances healthy. Last years, hundreds of companies struggled to stay in the green and instead were faced with some level of debt. Business owners have also claimed that it is difficult for them to keep credit ratings positive for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s look at some of the problems business owners face with their finances and how they could be resolved.

Bad Credit

It’s true that a large number of businesses do have a bad credit rating. Usually, this is because they buy products and then take weeks or even months to pay for them. This type of practice is quite common in the retail industry. Retailers often purchase a product but wait until they have shifted the goods off the shelves to complete the transaction. By doing this, they damage their credit rating and put their company in jeopardy.

Another reason for bad business credit ratings would be loans. Businesses often try and borrow money in an attempt to ensure that they do pay owed money on time. However, they then struggle to pay the amount they borrow back. It is often ridiculously easy for business owners to arrange a loan for their company. However, these loans are often given with high levels of interest. These interest levels make payback incredibly difficult. As such, it is important for business owners to always look at the small print before taking out a loan. Ultimately, it could cause more harm.

No Pay

On the other side of this, there is the business that isn’t receiving payment for their product. A delay in payment like this could seriously impact their finances. Manufacturers in particular often struggle due to the high production costs that they have to deal with. A common fix that businesses often use is invoice factoring. Through invoice factoring, business owners are able to sell on their unpaid invoices and get the money that they are owed fast. It should be noted that this is essentially another form of a loan. But it is a loan that can be beneficial and often necessary. Without it, business owners might struggle to get the money they need for their company.

Bad Tech Transactions

Of course, it’s not just other businesses that can cause a problems with finances. Tech can create an issue too. If business owners don’t use the right technology, transactions can be delayed. For instance, a lot of companies now use PayPal for business transactions. But this software can result in a delay of up to a week which again can mean trouble. That’s why businesses are investing in tech like a mobile credit card reader. With tech like this transactions can be instant with no delay between payment and purchase.


Although ultimately the issue with finances could be a lot simpler than this. It could be due to the fact that business owners are overspending. There is no doubt that a lot of companies are probably guilty of this error. The good news is that there are now countless ways to correct the situation and save more money throughout the year.

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