Overcoming Objections to Innovation in Your Business

Overcoming Objections to Innovation in Your Business

Stagnant! That is what your business can quickly become if you don’t try new ways of doing things and innovate. What’s worse is this stagnation can cause all sorts of disadvantages for your company, such as losing your competitive edge in the market. It can even mean that productivity and efficiency suffer. Of course, getting some businesses to change their ways, even the tiniest amount can feel like pulling teeth. However, there are some pretty conceiving ways to overcome objections to innovation. Read about them in the post below. 

We’ve always done it this way! 

Ah yes, the ol’ ‘stuck in the mud’ objection, you are bound to get this from at least one person. Of course, it’s a difficult one to deal with because if that person cannot see the potential advantages of innovating, you will need to take them through the process. Step by step, pointing out the benefits as you go. 

Also, it can help here not to try and force the issues too much. In fact, where possible give people room to explore the new options you are presenting and allow them to come to their own positive conclusions. After all, if your innovative plan is sound and presented in the right way, they will have no choice than to concur eventually. 

It will cost too much money!

Cost is, of course, an essential factor to monitor when running a business. Therefore, there will always be folks that put the immediate bottom line first, before any potential savings in the future. 

However, what it is essential to point out here is that innovation needn’t be a costly activity. In fact, it is often possible to try something new, such as this cloud version of Microsoft Office 365 without being tied into a long contract. Instead, paying by person, per month with the ability to increase or decrease this as necessary. Something that means you don’t have to fork out any significant cost to see if such a system will work for your business.  

Our customers like it the way it is!

Now, those that are acting as customer representatives are often worth listening to. After all, one of the most important things any business needs to do is to please their customers. In fact, annoying those that buy your product is truly a terrible idea! The reason being that if a customer is frustrated with your buying process, they will be more likely to go to a competitor instead.  

Of course, there is a straightforward way to see if your customers will take to any innovations in your business kindly or not. It’s to conduct a trial with market research, something that means using said innovation with a sample of your demographic to test their reaction. Then this objection can be proved definitely one way or another. Therefore, your business will know precisely whether such innovation will benefit it or not, and so can make a decision accordingly. 


In conclusion, many if not all of the objections to innovation in your business can be overcome. With a little convincing and some evidence that they are unfounded. 

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