Plant A Wistful, Romantic-Style Garden with These Straightforward Strategies

Plant A Wistful, Romantic-Style Garden with These Straightforward Strategies

Achieving that wistful cottage garden look is easier than you think, especially as it’s not a high maintenance project one its up and running. In fact, all you need to do is get the layout and planting right in the first place. Something that you can get some help with by reading the strategies below.

A gorgeous romantic style garden is beautiful to look upon.


The size of your garden space really doesn’t matter here. In fact, you can easily achieve this look in a larger area, or in the smallest of gardens. However, to do this, you will need to think about the layout.

The first step is to identify a space for sitting and enjoying the garden where you can place chairs or a table. This will be the main focal point, and anything you plant or arrange should be placed with this in mind so you can see it from this vantage point.

Try and pick furniture that is also romantic in style. White metal work chairs can work well here, and even wooden furniture painted green to be more sympathetic to its surroundings can look good too.

Layering is a very important strategy in this type of garden also. This is because to achieve that wild country garden look you have to have many different plants all growing close to one another and building up texture and volume. Bear this in mind when you are planting the different areas of your garden to ensure that you achieve the effect you desire


In terms of actual plants, it best to consider the trees you will use in your romantic garden strategy first. The reason being that these are often used to define the outer perimeter of the garden and create height. They can of course also be used as a focal point inside the garden area too, another reason why this type of plant needs first consideration.

To achieve that wistful romantic look it best to pick out flowering trees like jacarandas and oleanders in pinks, purples and whites. This is because when they are in bloom, they will add a glorious layer of color and texture as well as scent to your garden and give it a genuinely fairytale feel. Just remember to position them in a place that allows you to tend to them easily if you want to keep them in a certain shape.


The next layer down from the tree is the shrubs and border plans that you will use around the outside of the garden. Try plants like Daphne burkwoodii and Ceanothus Victoria as they also come in delicate pastel colors that will help you create the wistful look you are after.


Last, of all, the flower choice is also essential in creating this look successfully. Especially if you are choosing to go for a wild garden look where the lawn is replaced by flowers.

To do this you will need to pick strains that grow tall and thin, have a more rustic look and are the pastel color scheme. This makes cornflowers and ragged robin great candidates. Although many folks have success with Welsh poppies in this way as well.

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