Post Offices Are Still in Demand

Post Offices Are Still in Demand

If we were to lose the United States Postal Service, hundreds of thousands of people would be out of a job. As we get more and more reliant on technology, it seems inevitable that the USPS will become obsolete, but the truth is that we depend on the postal workers to receive and deliver our packages to us. There are several reasons why we still need the United States Postal Service aside from nostalgia, especially older offices like the post office in Bakersfield CA. Most citizens still like and respect the place of the post office and recognize that it is still an important service even in the digital age.

Why Businesses Still Use the USPS

Many businesses, especially small businesses, still use the USPS to send correspondence. When they have papers that they need another business or client to sign and return, they use USPS to send the documents so they can get them in a timely manner. They can also get cheaper postage so it is easy to send parcels and packages to clients and businesses when they need too.

The Delivery Service Days

Other delivery services like FedEx, Amazon, UPS, DHL, do not operate every day of the week. The USPS is actually open 7 days a week but delivers the normal mail Monday-Saturday no matter what the weather is like. Other shipping services only work on the weekdays meaning if you need to send or receive something during the weekend, the USPS is your only option! They are always the one you can count on.

How the USPS is Keeping Up with Technology

One of the first major online shopping services that came around is eBay, and this new online shopping forum became a huge hit. By using eBay, people had to become familiar with their local post office. Now, nearly every store sells its merchandise online allowing customers to order from the US mailboxcomfort of their home and have their stuff sent straight to them. The USPS decided to take the online shopping in stride and focus on the needs of their customers more than anything. By keeping their mailing rates low and servicing every address in the United States, they can cater to the individuals and even small businesses. Because of this, a majority of things delivered are still mailed through the USPS.

Magazines, Bills, and the United States Postal Service

Even with paperless technology, people still love receiving mail. There is, of course, the option to pay bills online, but some people like to have the paper option so they can file it away or make sure it is filed away in an organized manner. And no matter how convenient online shopping may be, there is just nothing like holding a magazine and flipping through the products page by page. Nearly every company that bills you or has magazine subscriptions uses the USPS to get it to their customers.

The USPS is here to stay. It is a service nearly as old as time itself and people around the country rely on the postal service like the post office Bakersfield CA, to get through their day-to-day activities. No matter how advanced we get, the good old fashioned postal service helps our society work like a well-oiled machine.

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