Problems with Bite! Don’t Underestimate These Common Dental Issues

Problems with Bite! Don't Underestimate These Common Dental Issues

When we think about common dental problems, we often think about the problems children face. We forget just how often adults can have dental problems. Sure, we may think about the sort of things that elderly people face. But adults aged 20-45 often don’t give their teeth too much thought. It’s during these years that the average person begins going to the dentist less. They assume that, as long as they’re brushing their teeth twice a day, that everything will be fine.

But dental problems are definitely a lot more common than people realize. And not dealing with them in a timely manner can result in some pretty nasty consequences. You have to remember how important the health of your mouth is. Problems with your gums can actually do harm to your life expectancy if they’re not deal with!

Let’s have a look at some surprisingly common problems that you can’t afford to ignore.

Sensitive teeth

If you try to eat ice cream, pain shoots through your teeth and gums. If you try to drink coffee, the same thing will happen. This never used to happen, but these days you can’t seem to fully enjoy things that are either hot or cold.

Well, it sounds like you’ve developed oversensitivity in your teeth! You may have seen toothpastes for sensitive teeth being advertised. But don’t just go straight for those products and assume that’ll do the trick. You need to see a dentist and get some professional advice. After all, sensitivity could be the result of tooth decay, fractures, or other serious issues. You will definitely need to change your toothpaste, but a dentist can help solve any underlying problems.

Missing teeth

It happens more often than you may think. For whatever reason, a tooth falls out. Or perhaps it was knocked out. Because people remember losing teeth when they were kids, they leave it to heal and accept that they’ve lost a tooth.

But you should underestimate the effects of a missing tooth. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible if this has happened. For one thing, the problem that caused the tooth to fall out might still be lingering to do some more damage! Plus, not replacing the tooth can cause further problems to develop. You should consult with denture specialists if you need tooth replacement.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are one of the most ignored health problems around. People assumed that maybe they just brushed or flossed too hard. And it could very well be this. (Although, if you’re brushing so hard that you’re bleeding, that seems pretty extreme!) Make sure you go a bit softer going forward!

But bleeding gums can actually be a sign of a bunch of serious problems. Frequent gum bleeding is a sign that too much plaque has built up at your gum line. Eventually, this leads to inflamed gums – a condition known as gingivitis. If this is ignored, it can actually lead to the plague hardening into tartar. This increases the bleeding, and can even lead to jawbone disease. If you keep seeing blood when your brush your teeth, get yourself to a dentist!

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