Safety Recommendations for Contact Lens Wearers

Safety Recommendations for Contact Lens Wearers

Millions of people all across the world wear contact lenses, and the increasing demand only points at the growing popularity of these lenses. In addition to creating a “no-glasses” look, they are comfortable to wear and add to the convenience. Moreover, the contact lenses are known to correct a range of vision disorders and thus make a considerable difference to the lives of the users. People love the flexibility and freedom that they are not able to enjoy with the traditional glasses.  If you are a regular user of contact lenses, it is essential to understand their usage and safety recommendations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the majority of the contact lens wearers do not follow the contact lens care instructions properly, and many suffer eye infections. It keeps holding programs and events to raise awareness regarding the usage and care of contact lenses. This is very important as unlike glasses, the contact lenses come in direct contact with an opening into the human body, and thus, any careless behaviour can lead to risks.

Follow the Instructions ProperlyFollow the Instructions Properly:

Contact lens wearers enjoy much more flexibility and convenience, but they need to read the instructions regarding the use of these lenses carefully and follow them properly. If they are not careful and take those guidelines casually, they can face the risks of eye complications and infections.   One should never compromise their visual health due to any negligence and should be aware that contact lenses require a higher level of care.

Here are some essential tips when using contact lenses

  • Always wash your hands before handling your lenses and the solution.
  • Your hands should be completely dry before touching the contact lenses.
  • Do not expose the lenses to water from a tap as it can alter the shape of the lens.
  • Remove your lenses before showering or swimming and never go to sleep with your lenses on.
  • Contact lens cases should be replaced every 3 months.

cleaning contact lensesCleaning the Contact Lenses:

There are special instructions for cleaning the lenses, and there is a specific disinfecting solution that is to be used for cleaning them. If one improves their cleaning practices, that lens-related infection could be halved. Thus, it is very important to buy the recommended disinfecting solution for your lenses and use only that for cleaning. Never add fresh solution to an old solution as it lowers the effectiveness of the solution to kill the germs. These solutions require special care, storage, and replacement.

A recent survey points out the common risky behaviors seen among the users:

  • Showering while wearing contact lenses
  • Not replacing contact lens cases and solution as recommended
  • Swimming and sleeping while wearing contact lenses
  • “Topping off” contact lens solution

The most common infections include corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, eye irritation, and pink eye. These complications can be avoided through everyday care of the eye and contact lenses. However, if you are following the instructions carefully and disinfect your lenses properly, there is no need to fear those infections. In case you find any kind of redness or irritation in your eye, get in touch with your eye specialist right away.

Considering the increasing number of common contact lens users, it has become essential for the people to become more aware of the risky behaviors and the impact of those bad practices on their eyes and vision. If you follow the above tips, you can prevent any transfer of germs to the lenses and thus keep your eyes protected from corneal infections. Your eye doctor will give you special instructions based upon your eyes and medical history.

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