Scrap Cars and Metal Recycling: Way to Go Green and Get Cash

scrap metal scrap cars

Scrap metals and rickety cars lying around your house or backyard can be such a nuisance. They not only occupy valuable space but also are an eyesore. Old cars release harmful emissions that contribute significantly to global warming. Even so, getting rid of junk cars can be quite hard especially when they hold some sentimental value to you.Thankfully, there are ways in which you can turn these junk cars into some extra cash while maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This post provides you with options on how to recycle scrap metal and get cash for scrap cars.

1. Perform a Depollution Exercise

Depollution involves removing all the hazardous materials and fluids safely from your junk car before recycling it.Your grounded car may still have elements such as coolants, windscreen wash,antifreeze, batteries, oil, and gas. These have the potential to ruin any good parts that you could have recovered and turned into a fortune. In addition,most of them can cause serious environmental and health hazards if released into the environment. However, others like oil can be safely drained and filtered to provide you with lubricants. So perform depollution to recover some valuable fluids as well as contribute to the going green movement.

2. Identify the Parts that You Can Recycle

The first step to junk car and metal recycling is to identify the recyclable parts and how each of those parts can be recycled. Approximately 90 per cent of old cars can be recovered. However, the most useful parts to consider first are the tires, windscreen, batteries, steel, iron, radiators, transmission,upholstery, belts, and mats. Tires make great pavement bases that can be used in designing roads. Recovered glass can be remodeled into flooring tiles,glass beads, porcelain, counter tops, and jewellery.

Other toxic parts such as the batteries can be recovered and refurbished to produce new batteries. Steel and iron parts, which account for a large volume of the car, can easily be used in creating a variety of metal products. This clearly shows that sometimes recycling parts is more viable than selling a junk car for cash.

3. Confirm Scrap Metal Prices

As you are seeking to score some cash for damaged cars, it is important to be conversant with the market rates for each of the recovered parts. Unscrupulous metal recyclers can easily dupe you into selling a functional part as a mere scrap metal. In most cases, the actual value of a good part is more valuable than its cost in terms of scrap metal. So, confirm the value for each part that you think is in pristine shape online and find a potential buyer yourself.

Average prices for some scrap metals vary depending on your geographical location.

4. Consider a Detailed Inspection by a Licensed Car Removal expert

Most car removal experts offer junk car inspection services to clients. So if you are considering selling a junk car for cash, call an expert to inspect the car. They can give you insights such as whether you’ll gain more in repairing the car or recycling it. After that, they can help you with dismantling and salvaging valuable parts.

With this information, you can safely get rid of your junk car and also recover some good cash. Just ensure that the car is in no shape to be repaired before you move to recycle.

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