Should You Let Your Kids Decide What They Wear?

Should You Let Your Kids Decide What They Wear?

Most parents will go through if not a daily, at least a weekly, struggle with their kids. It involves getting them ready in the morning. Dressing kids can be tough. When you want them to wear their warm jumper and practical pants, they want to wear the sparkly princess dress or the cowboy outfit. So should you let your children decide what to wear? How do you find a compromise?

Is it a Behavioral Issue?

If your children are becoming very vocal about what they want to wear, don’t worry. It’ completely normal for kids who are growing up to want to start to assert their independence. Going to school also starts to make kids think about their identity, and clothes are a big part of that. This doesn’t mean every morning you need to do battle, though!


The key to success is providing your kids with choices. This makes them feel like they are in control of the situation and gaining some independence. Even choosing the color of socks or jumper they’re wearing is a good step forward.

Let your kids pick their own clothes when you go shopping. Obviously, supervise their choices and make sure they’re reasonable too. Dolce and Gabbana kids have some great options. They have some exciting options for girls and smarter clothes for boys. Make your kids feel excited about their clothing choices. You have to accept that your child is developing their own taste and style. Whilst it might not always be the most appropriate you have to allow our kids to express themselves. Obviously, don’t offer summer clothes as options in winter. If your child insists, suggest layering a dress up with a jumper on top and tights underneath. Compromise where you can and respect your kid’s opinion.

Take the Pressure Off

If you find yourself having a constant battle with your child in the morning, it’s time to take the pressure off. Allow them to get changed themselves, and encourage this. If they’re above the age of 3 they’ve more than likely mastered the basics. Give them a little help, but let them get changes. This gives them some responsibility and control. To avoid the argument about what to wear, always keep the situation moving forwards. Don’t allow stops or stalls. Suggest its a race to get dressed and they have to do it as quickly as possible. Make a big fuss if they do it in good time. They’ll feel good about ‘winning’ the game and worry less about the clothes.

Pick Your Battles

Kids don’t want to wear winter coats, it’s as simple as that. They’re usually big and bulky and get in the way of all the running and playing they want to do. Take it with you as an option but don’t force the issue. You child will ask for it if they feel cold so don’t worry.

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