Study Support – 5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Through VCE Exams

5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Through VCE Exams

Getting through the demanding VCE years is difficult, not only for the students undertaking their final years but also for parents supporting them through this challenging time. Wanting to be there for your child is great, but it’s important that you allow them autonomy and space to make their own decisions as they are on the brink of adulthood. Here are five non-intrusive ways parents can lend a helping hand to their kids going through VCE.

1. Regular VCE Tutoring 

A VCE tutor is a valuable asset for any student to have. On top of providing personalized one-on-one support, these professionals can also assist students with effective preparation and planning for VCE exams. There are countless services that offer VCE tutoring in Melbourne, so it’s not hard to find a tutor who’s willing to tailor their approach to suit different VCE subjects and learning styles. Even if you don’t find the right person on the first go, there is bound to be a tutor or service suited you your child’s unique needs and goals. 

2. Help Them Set Up A Study Space

Having an appropriate workspace for studying is key to being able to work effectively. Setting a dedicated workspace for your child at home that’s away from distractions such as television, shared spaces, or the kitchen is a great way to show that you support them and respect their personal space. It can also greatly impact their performance on assessments and exams. Studies have shown that the place a person studies in can profoundly affect how information is remembered and retained.  

3. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits 

You cannot always be sure that your teenage child will make the best dietary choices when they’re at the school canteen or out with their friends. However, you can do your part to influence their options at home. 

Do this by providing healthy, balanced meals as often as possible and limiting highly-processed foods or ordering a takeaway. For snacks, maintain a hearty supply of delicious and nutritious items at home, such as mixed nuts, fresh and dried fruits, muesli bars, or bliss balls. This way, your child will be less tempted to turn to unhealthier options. 

4. Ensure They Get Enough Sleep 

All-nighters and cram sessions may be an expectation during final school years, but studies suggest that getting better quality sleep is beneficial to exam performance. For late teens, anything between 8-10 uninterrupted hours is the ideal amount. 

Getting adequate sleep can help students retain knowledge better, improve memory function, reduce stress, and improve mood. To encourage healthy sleep habits at home, do what you can to maintain a quiet and peaceful environment in the evenings.

5. Ask How You Can Help

Finally, the best way to directly assist your child without coming on too strong is to check in with them and how they are doing. If you notice they are going through a tough time or simply want to make sure they feel supported, just ask, “How can I help?” 

Taking a genuine interest in their studies and progress can help to validate your child’s feelings when they feel buried in work. Discussing the subjects they’re studying can also be beneficial as it helps them become comfortable explaining the material. Simply listening and conversing with them is one of the best ways to help them lock in their understanding of the subject matter. 

While you cannot control your child’s VCE outcomes, being present for them with the above helpful actions can make a positive difference in how they experience this year.

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