Three Wise Ways to Make Your Fitness Regime Stick

Three Wise Ways to Make Your Fitness Regime Stick

We’ve all made the pledge and we have all made the promise. We made it to ourselves and then we made it to others. We did this because we understood that to state our intention to get fit, was a sure way of sticking to it. We started with the best intentions. We threw ourselves into running, tried Pilates, joined the gym and never left the yoga studio. And then we stopped. It wasn’t as if we were not enjoying it. It made us feel good, better about ourselves. But we still stopped. This is for everyone who for whatever reason stopped.

If you carried on and it changes the way you feel about your life, then you probably don’t need this post. If you stopped or you didn’t get started yet this is for you. As an instructor I saw this many times. People would come along to the studio, take classes and throw themselves in. I could see them working. I understood their determination, and then maybe a few weeks or even a few months down the line something would change. It might start with an injury, but mostly they were just worn out, burnt out and too fatigued to continue. So they stopped coming, and they quit or they just stopped showing up.

They were taking out, but they were not putting in.

When you embark upon an exercise regime, you are expending massive amounts of energy. Most of us understand about drinking water, but that on its own is not enough.

Diet is paramount

Before you embark upon any fitness regime, look at what you are eating. Do some research on healthy diets. Understand the complex combination of vitamins, carbs and proteins that everybody needs. Without this backup, you will simply wear yourself out. In fact the harder you work the worse it will be.

Supplements are essential

The truth is unless you are a nutritionist, expert cook and all round foodie, your diet may not be enough. Most of us need the help of supplements. Understanding the range available can be a little bewildering. Connect with a company that has proven track record and knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Isagenix make that their business and their experience is invaluable.

Rest is necessary

Throwing yourself into a regime shows you are determined. But your new efforts will all go to waste if you do not allow yourself time to adjust and rest in between bouts of exercise. This means taking every other day off from intense workouts. This will allow your body to recuperate. This in turn will help prevent deep fatigue from setting in. It doesn’t mean you are not working hard enough, but you must have balance in all things.

Combine these three things with your determination to increase your levels of fitness. You will become a stronger wiser and better balanced person as a result. Apply these techniques and you will become the other type of fitness studio member. Someone who loves their practice and has incorporated it successfully into their lives for good.

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