Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends

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Tracie Nolde
Tracie Nolde

Well, it’s that time of year again, ladies…time to take inventory of your wardrobe and get inspired by some of this years hottest looks and hues!  With only a few weeks to go until the official start of summer, it’s only fitting to start talking about what the trends of this summer will look like. Once again vivid colors and soft neutrals are all the rage.  From scorching red to vivid orange to elegant black and white, you will find a color that fits your look this summer!

Orange is on the top list of color trends for this summer.  Whether you opt for bold orange, orange look or splashes of orange, there is a wide palette of choices.  Yellow is another hit for this summer.  As a general fashion rules, when orange is big, so is yellow. Red is yet another big trend for this summer and looks great next to orange and yellow.  Along with these colors we also have our traditional summer looks, white, black & white combos, neutrals and nudes.

The biggest trends this summer season include longer lengths, as seen on long maxi skirts and maxi dresses. As well, look for bright colors to be a prominent trend this season and incorporated into bright floral & mixed print pattern dresses. Especially look for tribal prints featured on cute little dresses.

So often we just buy or plan our clothes and outfits as individual pieces, we never imagine how they all come together into our personal style. If we wanted to describe our own personal style we would spend a few minutes hemming and hawing a lot and finally say something like “I’m pretty casual.” But it doesn’t take much to get past that.  The key is to know what your doing and looking for!

Check out my Top 10 Trends for this Summer:

  1. Florals – Flowers, flowers and more flowers!!
  2. Tribal Prints – A focus on prints and texture.
  3. 20’s Elegance – The new take on the flapper fashion with fringe.
  4. Sportswear – Minimalist and Sleek!
  5. Geometrical Patterns – Stripes, linear lines & color blocking.
  6. Peplum – Ladies love wearing it and the trend is going to be hot this summer!
  7. Midrifts – If there was ever a time to work on your abs….it’s this season!
  8. Drop Waists – Great for a slender figure.
  9. Bird Prints – A top print for summer ladies!
  10. Open Shoulders/Single Shoulder

Don’t just wear clothes everyday, wear clothes you likeClothes that make you feel good. The idea is for your outward appearance to reflect who you are inside. When you’re insides and your outsides match, you’re able to go through your days!  Remember to have fun with your style and be creative with all the colors of the summer too!!  Summer is about being comfortable in your own skin and having fun!

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Tracie Nolde lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Jeff, and their three children, Camden, Chase and Kennedy.

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