Top 10 Tech Trends for 2012

Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable and regular guest-columnist for, offered his “best estimate of some of the innovation we’ll see in 2012” with an interesting Top 10 list.

Cashmore writes, “In short, 2012 is all about new ways to interact with our devices through touch and voice control, new lightweight ways to share content, a revolution in mobile payments and a plethora of rich Web applications — not to mention the hundreds of new innovations that we’ve yet to dream up. I can’t wait.”

Here are the things Cashmore says to look out for:

1. Touch computing

2. Social gestures

3. NFC and mobile payments

4. Beyond the iPad

5. TV Everywhere

6. Voice control

7. Spatial gestures

8. Second-screen experiences

9. Flexible screens

10. HTML5

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