Top Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth In A Healthy Condition

Top Tips For Keeping Your Kid's Teeth In A Healthy Condition

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kid’s teeth in an excellent condition. Not only will it be beneficial towards their health, but it will also help them develop healthy oral care habits as they get older. Starting a positive cleaning regime now could set a firm foundation for when their permanent teeth grow in. The last thing you want is for cavities and gum disease to develop and cause your child pain through lack of brushing. So use these top tips to help keep your child’s teeth in a healthy condition as they grow.

Regular trips to the dentist

Health checks are important and your child’s dental checks should be no different. You should ideally be taking your child to the dentist twice a year, and these should start when they are six months old. You may need to reassure your child about visiting the dentist and explain what is going to happen to make the experience less scary. Make it sound like a positive experience and not something to be afraid of. Regular dentist checks can pinpoint potential problem areas and assist you in keeping on top of your child’s oral care.

It may also be wise to get insurance to cover your family’s dental care to save you from spending a fortune on fees and treatments. Your dental expenses can be covered by an insurance policy meaning there is no excuse for your child not to have the best dental care. Research insurance policies like those provided by a Medicaid Dentist for instance.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Kid's Teeth In A Healthy Condition_smallMake brushing their teeth fun

Children should be brushing their teeth twice a day to avoid the buildup of plaque and bacteria. Instead of making it sound like a chore, make brushing their teeth seem exciting. You could show them the correct technique for brushing each tooth and their gums properly. Or use an egg timer, so they know how long to brush for. You could also let them choose their own toothbrush, just make sure it has soft bristles that won’t damage their delicate teeth. Try to brush your teeth at the same time too. Children often copy their parents, and they will imitate your movements. Pull funny faces in the mirror to make them smile so it’s easier for them to clean every tooth. Ensure that you are using fluoride based toothpaste that is suitable for their age and also remember to tell them not to swallow it.

Reduce sugar from their diet

To reduce the chances of tooth decay, you need to minimize the amount of sugar your child is consuming. Sugary drinks and snacks are the main causes of these issues. So replace these items with healthier options such as fruit or vegetables. Small fruit bags are ideal for kids to snack on during the day and will keep their teeth looking healthy and make them stronger. Water is also great for children as it keeps them hydrated and benefits multiple parts of their bodies.

Use these top tips to keep your kids teeth in check and get the into the routine of taking care of their teeth. It’s never too late to start, and they will thank you for it as they get older.

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