Top Tips On Dressing Well While Paying Less

Top Tips On Dressing Well While Paying Less

Every woman wants to look her best without breaking the bank. In this age of frugality, you can be certain that women are dressing like a million dollars without the expensive price tag. From discount perfumes and women’s clothing to shoes and accessories, here are some tips by ZAFUL on dressing well while paying less.

Wardrobe Rule of Threes

A woman’s wardrobe needs to meet three different criteria in order to be fashionable.

  • Consider if you can accessorize your outfits in three different ways,
  • Have three different places to wear your outfit.
  • The third rule of three is that you need to have three different items to wear with your outfit.

While it may sound odd, if your wardrobe meets these criteria, you can certainly look like a million dollars.

Know Your Fashion Must Haves

Knowing your fashion must haves is important to look your best. Solid colors is a must have as well as comfortable fabrics in your clothes.  A basic wardrobe will consist of two slacks, skirts and blazers. Each of these items should be well made so that they will last a long time. This investment will pay off handsomely and give you years of enjoyment while consistently looking fashionable and stylish.


Looking like a million dollars is impossible if you forget your accessories.  Have neutral colored accessories such as shoes, purse and so on. Some of the basic colors are white, black, beige and brown. You can mix and match different accessories with different outfits to create a wonderful wardrobe that may look expensive, but you alone will know how little that you paid


It is not required to spend a fortune at high end retail shops in order to look like you just stepped out of the pages of Cosmo Magazine. Using discount retail chains such as Kohl’s will save you money plus give you a million dollar look. You can also utilize JC Penney and other mid range department store chains to achieve the same goal with savings as well as looking your best.

Taking Care of Clothes

  • Proper care of your clothing will allow you to keep your wardrobe looking nice and fresh.
  • Follow the cleaning guide of the clothing that you get in order to keep it looking nice.

Improper care of your clothing will lead to it looking bad and not fashionable. In this same line of thinking, the same should be done with accessories. Taking care of your clothing will extend its life as well as keep it looking nice.

Putting It All Together

Mixing and matching allows for a great outfit with a wide variety of looks and styles. You can add a splash of color where appropriate to look great and feel great about yourself while being on a budget. Being frugal doesn’t mean that your fashion needs to suffer and you can look good while spending less on a wardrobe for yourself and your family. The same ideas will also pertain to the entire family.

Looking good can cost less than you may think. You don’t have to be wealthy in order to look your best. You can certainly look the part with judicious choosing of basic clothing items and choosing complementary colors for yourself that only bring out the best in you. This also holds true with makeup. Choosing the right colors for your skin tone and personal taste allows you to look and feel your best!

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