Top Tips To Wow Your Dinner Party Guests

Top Tips To Wow Your Dinner Party Guests

Most of us love to entertain in our homes. We enjoy preparing our house for guests and hosting a tasty dinner party. And it gives us a chance to dress up without having to worry about waiting for the taxi! If you regularly invite the same people over, why not try something different this time? Mixing up your dishes as well as the presentation can help create the fantastic evening you’re hoping for. Here are some top tips to help you wow your dinner party guests:


Lots of vibrant colors are a real feast for the eyes. Why not prepare a gorgeous platter of vegetables organized by color? Red tomatoes and peppers look lovely together. Then you can have yellow peppers and butternut squash. Orange carrots, green peas, and broccoli complete your kaleidoscope of colors. They look tasty, and they’re really good for you too!


Choose both red and white wines that will suit each dish. Not everybody likes to drink red wine because it can stain the teeth and lips. Some people aren’t keen on it because it can taste vinegary if it doesn’t breathe before pouring. To solve this problem, why not invest in a wine aerator to ensure every drop tastes perfect straight from the bottle? You’ll wow your guests with your nifty new gadget too!

Set The Table

When you prepare your dining table for place settings, consider the center area. Centerpieces can be created from fresh flowers. You might prefer an ornament or candelabra if it’s hay fever season. Choose a vibrant colored table runner to be placed in the center of the table. Placemats, cutlery, and glasses should also be set out ahead of the meal. Finally, add a couple of jugs of iced lemon water. You might even choose to create decorative name cards for the place settings. These add a lovely personal touch to the occasion.

Consider The Guests

If one of your guests has a diet requirement, then it can be considered polite to serve everyone the same. If you have a vegetarian at the table, then the entire meal should be vegetarian, so nobody feels singled out at the table. If you’re keen to include meat with your meal, serve it separately in a decorative pot at the table. That way, others can serve themselves. This helps to avoid highlighting any dietary differences so everyone can enjoy a meal together. The same goes for alcohol. Provide all beverages in similar decanters or bring the glasses to the table together.


Lots of us play music at the dinner table, but few of us consider the best tracks for a great dinner party. Sounds of nature are thought to aid digestion. This may be why eating out in the garden is so pleasant! Something simple and classical in nature may be best. For more excitement and even great conversation, you might try some jazz!

Dinner parties are wonderful ways to entertain your friends, colleagues, and family. They don’t have to be dull and boring. On the contrary, why not wow your dinner party guests with these top tips?

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