Touching Gifts for Long-distance Family

Touching Gifts for Long-distance Family

Modern life means you can go a long time without seeing your family. They might be halfway across the country or even on the other side of the world. When Christmas comes around, I like sending family gifts to help us stay connected. Writing out a Christmas letter is an excellent way to update everyone on what’s been going on during the year. But I like to make sure they all get gifts too. Sometimes it can be a lot of hassle sending out a pile of gifts to each branch of the family. So I choose a collective family gift. They can be anything from gift baskets to home accessories.


When you want to send everyone a box of goodies, a gift basket is a perfect solution. You can buy them ready-made, but I love putting them together myself. You can tailor them for whoever you’re sending them to. And if you live far away from the rest of your family, you can send everyone a little taste of the place where you live. You could include some of the most popular local snacks. Or put in a handmade decoration you picked up at your nearest market. You can pack everything into a beautiful basket or hamper and send it off to arrive in time for Christmas.

Family Photos

I love sending close family updates on how we’re all doing, and what’s happening in our lives. Grandparents are always keen to hear about their children and grandchildren. And they like having something to remember them by. Since they can’t always be around to witness the significant life events, it’s a good idea to include them in another way. I love the idea of doing a family photo shoot and sending everyone some beautiful pictures. It’s an excellent idea to use a service like Silver Bee Photography for a professional session, especially after the birth of a new baby. You could have the final images framed in beautiful frames before you wrap them.

Home Accessories

Thinking of gifts that the whole family can enjoy is difficult, but I like the idea of sending homewares. I think even little ones can get some fun out of some new cushions or enjoy a set of candles. One of the best gifts you can choose for Christmas has to be new decorations. If you send them with plenty of time, the recipients can put them up with all their usual decorations. You can make them more personal and unique by buying something made locally or making something yourself.

Something to Enjoy Together

If you’re far away from your family, you’re probably looking forward to the next time you see them. Getting them a gift that you can enjoy together is a good way to remind them that you’ll see them soon. It could be something you can use together, from a game to a tent, or it could be tickets to an event or experience you can attend with each other.

It’s tough when you miss your family, especially at Christmas. But gifts are a good way to connect with them and remind them you’re thinking of them.

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