Visiting Africa’s Watery Wonders

Visiting Africa’s Watery Wonders

When most people think about Africa, an abundance of water isn’t usually their first thought. Instead, most people know this continent as a dry place, with parched land and dry air. Of course, though, Africa is massive and is home to some of mother nature’s biggest water features. Visiting these places has never been easier. So, to help you out, this post will be going through three of top watery wonders Africa has to offer. This should give you the inspiration you need to pack your bags and set off for a vacation of adventure and exploration.

The River Nile

Nile River AfricaThe Nile has played a huge role throughout history, beginning with ancient civilisations like Egyptians, to the modern societies in its surrounding countries. This river is often cited as being the longest in the world, though there is some debate, and this puts it at the top of a lot of bucket lists. You have a wide-range of choices when it comes to seeing the Nile. But, the best are cruises which give you the chance to see as much of this great river as possible. The Nile goes through eleven countries, with many of them using it as their primary water source.

Lake Victoria

With the Nile being so large, there has been a lot of speculation about its source throughout history. In the early days, this prompted a lot of explorers to go out in search of the source, resulting in the discovery of one of Africa’s Great Lakes; Lake Victoria. This is the biggest lake Africa has to offer, as well as being the largest tropical lake in the World. Home to a wide-range of wildlife, this is the perfect place for nature lovers. The Lake crosses the borders of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, and you can even stay on one of its many islands during your vacation. With ferries between its home countries, Lake Victoria is the perfect place to go if you’d like to see a large portion of Africa.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls AfricaThe Victoria Falls are often cited as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. As part of the Zambezi River, this waterfall is situated in both Zambia and Zimbabwe and makes up for a large amount of the tourist revenue for both places. Thanks to a bridge being constructed above the falls, it’s easy to get excellent views of this UNESCO World Heritage site. You can view the Victoria Falls travel packages here, but you can also find loads of other deals across the Internet. While you’re staying near the falls, you will get the chance to enjoy loads of different activities. From rafting and kayaking to basking in the waters of the beautiful Zambezi.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the watery wonders Africa has to offer. Not a lot of people consider this sort of vacation when they’re heading to this part of the world. But, with so many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, exploring everything Africa has to offer can be achieved through these massive landmarks.

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