Ways to Make Your Home Cozy without Spending a Ton of Money

Ways to Make Your Home Cozy without Spending a Ton of Money

If you have seen any of the redecorating TV shows (and you must have, that is if you live on planet Earth), you must think that decorating requires a bunch of money and even more expertise. These claims can be accurate, but they don’t have to. Sure a two million dollar chandelier from Million Dollar Decorators may have its charm, but you don’t need it to make your home look stylish. Also, interior design diploma is great if you want to work in this branch for years, but if you only need to decorate your own home, you will manage just fine without a certificate. Without further ado, here are a few ways to cozy up your home on a shoestring budget.

Layer with blankets and pillowsLayer with blankets and pillows

The easiest way to add an extra dose of comfort to any room is to throw a couple of soft blankets, pillows and comforters on top of beds, sofas and armchairs. Let the famous Danish concept Hygge be your guide in this. Just use warm rich texture typical for this approach – sheepskin, faux fur, large knits, etc. Deep colors and warm neutrals can enhance this coziness even more.

Warm splash of color

Speaking of colors… Adding a new layer of paint on your walls will not cost you much, but it will significantly contribute to the overall atmosphere in the room. Some of the coziest shades you can decide for are warm neutrals (e.g. beige, brown and sand), oranges, yellows and some pastels. Don’t use colors that are too cool (e.g. grey) or too bright (e.g. red).

Rug on RugRug on rug

What do you say? You only need one rug per a room? Think again. Layering rugs is the new go-to trend for adding more texture and making the room appear warmer and more pleasant. A non-binding rule is that the bottom rug should be somewhat plain, while the upper should have some sort of specific design or rich texture. So, if you are searching for rugs for your room, make sure you go through the choice of designer rugs online for the upper layer.

Create ambiance with lighting

Lighting can make a room feel just right, or just wrong. The difference between a well lit room and a poor lit one is in layering and temperature. Yes, a seemingly insignificant change can make the entire space seem more comfortable – replace cool fluorescent bulbs with warmer ones, and add a few floor and table lamps.

A floral touchA floral touch

Spring and summer are by definition warmer seasons, and if there is something distinct about them, that is lush plant life. Fresh flower centerpieces on the living room table will liven up the space, but you can also introduce them in the bathroom and on the nightstands in the bedroom. If you are more into permanent options, potted green plants will serve this purpose well too.

Introduce a comfy nook

A nook made for relaxing or reading (as if that is not the same thing) can instantly add a specific charm and cozy vibe to a room. If you really want to get the maximum out of this idea, you can build a window seat, throw a few pillows, include a book shelf, and a couple of wall lamps. If, on the other hand, you want a quick solution, a soft armchair, a small desk and a floor lamp should do the trick.

Rustic additions

Out of all interior design styles in history, rustic seems to reflect the most “tucked-in” vibe. Play on this card and enrich your home with reclaimed wood pieces (you can even cover an entire focus wall with reclaimed planks), old farmhouse lanterns, wooden ceiling fans, and various antique pieces you could find in your grandma’s attic or the flea market. Adding a cowhide or a sheepskin rug couldn’t hurt either.

As you see, your house can easily be turned into nesting paradise, and you don’t need a ton of money or interior design certificate to do that. Just relax and let the “what feels good – looks good” principle guide you.

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