What are Vices and How You Can Avoid Them

What are Vices and How You Can Avoid Them

We all have vices in life, even if it doesn’t feel like you do. There is something in your life that you do that you know doesn’t help you but you still do it frequently or regularly anyway. These could be small things that again, you don’t figure matter much. When you have this mindset it means the smaller things that negatively impact your life get swept underneath the carpet. Eventually, there’s going to be a big mound under the carpet that you will hit and trip over. Before it gets to that point, maybe you should assess how you could be a better person to yourself? All vices have one thing in common. They are actively hurting you one way or another. No matter how insignificant you might think it is, a vice in your life is not helping and quite frankly is doing the opposite.

It’s nice but know your limit

Something that many people can admit to having but can’t admit to saying they think they will have to change is their sugar intake habits. We all love chocolate, but too much of a nice thing turns it sour. Tracking your sugar doesn’t take much effort either because you can easily taste it and notice when you’re eating or drinking it. For example, if you have a chocolate bar for lunch and now you have cup of coffee with sugar in it, you could have doubled the normal intake. You should pick one, eat the chocolate bar or have coffee without the sugar. Sweetness is nice but you should know your daily limit to keep on top of it.

Entertained but not active

The modern world of entertainment has solved the issue of missing shows and needing to watch them live. Now with services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, millions of people are literally binge watching their favorite shows. This means that although they are entertained, they’re not active. Binge watching could be for several hours in the day, and this doesn’t bode well for your body. It’s nice to watch a show you like anytime you want, but that doesn’t mean you should give up an active lifestyle. Keep a handle on things and set yourself a limit of how many episodes you’ll watch in a week and therefore you’ll have more hours to yourself instead of being stationary for hours on end.

Knowing you need help

One of the vices in our lives is our own ego. We know that sometimes our actions don’t make sense and that they can even harm us sometimes because we are driven by our ego rather than our head. Thankfully there are services like outpatient drug rehab for when you really need a helping hand and someone to just be there to talk to. With a combined total of 30 years experience, this kind of service has people that have seen it all. No matter what your situation is, they will find a way to help.

It’s tough to cut out vices from your life totally. Even though they are negative we find it difficult to let go, hence why they are called a vice. However, exercising a little self-control will help you loosen your grip on them so you can live a healthier life.

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