What Does Your Spending Mean To You?

What Does Your Spending Mean To You?

Spending money is necessary to survive these days. But buying things can also be a pastime you enjoy or a habit you need to get out of. There are many reasons for spending more money than we need to. And there are plenty of reasons for spending less. So what does spending mean to you?


Having money in your wallet to spend on whatever you like can bring about happiness. It can make you feel powerful or empowered to do the things you want. It might even make you feel independent. Is it the cash in your hand, or the purchases you’ve made that bring about the best emotional change? It’s difficult to gauge what we feel about doing something as every day as buying things.

Stress, Worry, Depression?

Of course, when money is freely flowing from your wallet, it can feel quite daunting. You can feel like you’ve lost control of that part of your life. You might also be extremely anxious that there isn’t enough money to cover all the other essential expenses in your life. Perhaps you’re concerned you will lose the roof over your head, or not put food on your family’s table? This can easily lead to depression and illness. In these cases, it’s essential you take some action to reduce the impact of your money worries.


Getting into debt isn’t fun. Unfortunately, it is essential for most of us. We have a mortgage so we can afford a home. We have car finance so we can get to and from work. Then there are the student fees, the vacation costs, and the home improvements. Credit cards can also become a debt. When this happens, you need to resolve the problem quickly.

Look to helpful websites that are designed to provide a range of solutions. Options like reviews.creditcard can steer you in the right direction when you need to change your credit card to a better provider. Refinancing your loans and mortgages can make repayments more manageable. It might even reduce your overall costs. Doing these things now can help you feel in control of your money again.


Most of us use a budget spreadsheet to help us stay on track financially. We cover our bills, the groceries and clothing costs. And we might be lucky enough to have a small savings pot. Whatever is left over is our reward. It’s a reward for preparing and planning our money. But most importantly, it’s a reward for going to work and doing our bit every single day. The money that we spend on treats and little pleasures can often be the motivation that keeps us plodding on in a job we might not like. And saving up for a rainy day can certainly make it all worthwhile.

Whether spending makes you feel guilty or happy, there is no getting away from it. Sometimes the level of control we have over our money can help us feel better or worse about buying those little non-essentials. What do you buy that gives you the biggest boost?

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