What Happens in Traffic Court

What Happens in Traffic Court

pulled over by policeTraffic tickets are about as common to drivers as rush hour traffic. A lot of drivers are very familiar with getting issued a traffic ticket, but some newer or more cautious ones are not too sure what to do to be well prepared for their scheduled traffic court appearance, and how to fight speeding tickets.

There is a lot of widely accepted misinformation on the proper ways to go about a traffic court appearance, and with this ill advice, most drivers faced with the appearance are not properly prepared.

What should I Expect in Traffic Court?

Traffic court proceedings are fairly routine. The trials do not take too long; usually, other cases will be waiting in the audience, so everything will be as concise as possible.

  • Appear in court on the scheduled date and time of your subpoena
  • The court will swear you and other traffic violators in as a group
  • The clerk calls each violator’s name, and states the case as ‘The State (or People) …’
  • When your name is called, you will rise and make your way to the witness box
  • Follow the court officers and the judges’ instructions and guides.
  • Speak and present your case at the appropriate time.

Traffic court cases generally can go very smoothly and quickly, but some cases may need a legal counsel, and if your case is complicated, seek the advice of a professional.

Tips for A Traffic Court Appearance

Before appearing in a traffic court, there are measures you will have to take to give yourself an edge.

  • Dress Decently

Show some respect to the court by putting some effort into your dressing. Even though the matter is a simple traffic violation, make an effort to present a pleasing impression, and not a sloppy, shabby impression.

  • Show Respect

Remember to show a lot of respect and remain cordial to all people in the courthouse. Your demeanor towards everyone you meet might have a larger impact than you imagine on your final ruling. Turning off or silencing your cell phone and other electronics is a big must when in the courthouse, too.

  • Prepare Yourself

Of course, creating an impression can only go so far in building your case. You will need to actually speak and argue your case, and it is best that you make enough prior preparations that you are completely articulate and convincing enough. If your case is more complicated, or if you want to avoid unexpected changes, hire a lawyer to properly represent you during your court ruling.

  • Be Punctual

Perhaps the worst thing that could happen is for you to be late to your court hearing, or to miss it entirely. Even though there are often complaints about the long lines at court proceedings, this should not be a deterring factor towards arriving earlier than your scheduled time.

  • Keep your Temper in Check

Another important thing to remember is that no matter what, do not get antagonistic. Stay polite to all courtroom members, and do not allow your emotions run high. Also do your best to make sure everything you say is as honest as possible, exactly how things played out. Remember that the Judges and Prosecutors are there to put everything you say through an X-ray, and will probably see right through your lie.


It’s important you know what happens in a traffic court. If you have already been in a traffic law violation, you know the importance of hiring the right traffic attorney. If you are from Los Angeles, you can consult ticket lawyer Los Angeles to get the best and quickest solution to your case.

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