What You Absolutely Must Do If Your Business Is Kept On Computers

The benefits of information and communications technology (“ICT”) to the modern business are almost immeasurable. Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably have an idea how important it is. Here’s a list of tips to make your ICT work safer, easier and much less of a hassle. Whether you’re running a company that relies on computers a lot or you’re working from home on your personal machine. You should find at least one point here can change your whole business.

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Backup on the Cloud

The Cloud is getting a lot of traction these days. Businesses are realising the major benefits of storing their data far away from physical servers. For one, physical disasters like spilled coffee or power surges won’t cost you months and years of bookkeeping and data. You can access it just about anywhere but, at the same time, it’s kept secure. Save yourself hassle, as well as server or storage costs, by backing up all your data on the Cloud.

Information and communications technologySecure your network

Even if you’re just working at home on a personal network, this is important. You don’t want anyone’s grubby hands getting on business-sensitive information. At best, your work methods and business secrets are exposed. At worst, your clients and you are exposed and your financial information becomes a smashed piggy bank for some dreg. Use IT Consultants to protect you from viruses, hackers and all kinds of intrusions.

Avoid external storage devices

USBs and SD cards are such handy methods of transporting and storing data, we know. As heart-breaking as it may be, try to rely on them as little as possible when it comes to whatever computer you do your business on. They’re handy, but they lack protection. This makes them a perfect breeding ground for viruses that normally wouldn’t get a foothold on your own system. The right protection can solve this problem, but if you don’t have it, avoid external storage as much as possible.

Keep the personal and the business separate

We’re not doubting your professionalism. It’s just that it can be too easy to let your business persona slip and invade with the personal. Keep your business and personal emails separate and distinct so you don’t have any embarrassing mishaps. Avoid giving your business contacts out to friends who might take the time to contact you in your work day and provide hours of distraction. If you can, keep a separate computer for business and personal uses. You don’t want any viruses or problems shutting down your work as well as your casual use.

Take care of your health

If you’re spending a long time sitting down at your computer, it’s equally important to look after your health as much as your work. Try investing in an ergonomic chair and make sure you’re sitting with your screen at eye level to avoid back pain. Get up and take a walk now and then to keep blood-flowing. Keep the surroundings of your computer well-lit to fight eyestrain. Your happiness as well as your productivity depend on how you take care of yourself, so do it right.

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